Our Incubator serves as a launching pad for students who have ideas for creative solutions they want to make real. Students are encouraged to apply in multi-disciplinary teams for funds and other support to pursue their projects.  Accepted teams receive opportunities for training, funding, and project-focused mentorship from current F&M faculty and staff.  The F&M Incubator is managed in partnership between the Creativity, Innovation, & the Future of Work and Entrepreneurship @ F&M initiatives.

Students teams in the Fall 2020 Incubator worked on a number of exciting projects, including:

  • Creating a new market for visual artists in conjunction with house staging services;
  • Creating an AR mobile app to enable virtual touring of museums and other remote attractions;

  • Developing a platform to connect recent immigrants in Lancaster who need support with integrating into American life with F&M students with cultural, social, and relevant language skills;
  • Creating an online networking community for internationally educated students in China;
  • Streamlining local non-profits' access to younger volunteers (an urgent need during the Covid pandemic). 

In October 2021, we accepted applications from a new cohort of multidisciplinary student teams. Here are the student teams accepted into the Fall 2021 F&M Incubator:

  • Ocha ( Ojima Abraham, Lennin Antunish & Amara Donzo)
    • Developing an on-demand cleaning app that operates like Uber
  • CRSI (Rongying Lin, Shen Wang, Aining Yang)
    • Exploring soluition for better college course registration systems
  • Soone, LLC (Braeden McCarthy)
    • An app that allows you to rapidly connect with people within a 1 mile radius
  • Tiny Home Initiative (Tenny-Ann Dandy, Maria Vina A Co, Ashani Williams, Tracy Yang)
    • Develop a proposal to Lancaster for a tiny-home village to serve the homeless population 
  • Shop UNIque (Pratiksha Mishra)
    • A one stop shop for all you customizable needs
  • Food for Thought (Rachel Caruso, Hunter Conrad, Galy Di Giulio)
    • Mentorship program between McCaskey High School and F&M students about food sustainability
  • Launch Community Health League (Olivia Heffernan)
    •  Improve healthcare connections between underserved patients and their providers
  • Student's Airbnb (Iyanu Abraham, Ojima Abraham, Shokhinabonu Tojieva)
    • Designing a platform similar to Airbnb to create a way for F&M students to remotely chose their housing
  • Sancturary Planet (Ashley Stewart)
    • A self care company with the goal of emphasizing the importance of social justice education while establishing good self care routines

How the Incubator Works 

The Incubator is open to students at various stages of developing their ideas into full-fledged products and non-profit organizations. Depending upon where each team is in the development process, they may receive mentoring, specialized support, and/or project funding as members of the Incubator. Incubator participants also attend a series of workshops on customer identification, design thinking, marketing, legal considerations,  and other topics.   

Each semester, individual students or students teams must apply to participate in that semester's Incubator. The Spring  2022 Incubator application is due February 5.  Follow this link to view the application form. 


How to Apply 

The Incubator accepts new applications at the start of each semester.  The deadline for Incubator applications for Spring 2022 is February 5. 

To apply, individuals or teams must submit a completed Incubator Application Form