The F&M faculty comprises not only accomplished teachers but also renowned scholars who are active in their fields of expertise. Professors conduct groundbreaking research on campus and around the world, earn prestigious fellowships and grant awards, and collaborate with F&M students and alumni. They engage local community partners and work together to meet challenges in Lancaster City and the surrounding county. They publish peer-reviewed articles, book manuscripts, novels, essays, and collections of poetry. They exhibit artwork and perform in concert halls and theatres nationally and internationally. F&M is a hub not only for learning but for knowledge creation and creativity, where ideas and discoveries drive academic life in and out of the classroom.
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Story 5/25/2023

Liberal Arts is the Future of Work

Liberal arts colleges and educational leaders from around the country will gather at F&M June 1-3...

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Story 4/19/2023

Professor’s Book Examines Government’s ‘Communities of...

For more than two decades, Dean Hammer lectured and wrote about democracies in ancient Rome and...

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Story 3/27/2023

Memorial Celebration: Bill Hutson's Life and Art

The College will celebrate the life and art of the late Bill Hutson at a memorial event to be held...

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Story 3/13/2023

Father-Daughter Grads Reward Faculty with Readership

The Robert Glidden ’69, P’99, Eileen Glidden P’99 and Sarah Glidden Kempson ’99 Endowed Readership...

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Story 3/10/2023

F&M Picks: Top Movies and Podcasts

Which movies and podcasts do F&M faculty and staff turn to when it’s time to unwind? Students begin...

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Story 2/22/2023

Student Finds Humor, Homer in Ancient Poem

After a three-year odyssey in academic research, Franklin & Marshall College senior Therese Watkins...

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Story 2/13/2023

F&M Joins 14 Institutions in Unique Science and Math...

Over the next six years, students taking introductory mathematics or science should expect more...

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Story 2/8/2023

An Uncommon Path to Professor: Adeem Suhail

"College becomes one of those places where one can think more humanly, can think big, can think...

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Story 12/16/2022

Top Winter Break Book Recommendations

What do Franklin & Marshall faculty members and staff read to unwind? Browse our list for a title...

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