The F&M faculty comprises not only accomplished teachers but also renowned scholars who are active in their fields of expertise. Professors conduct groundbreaking research on campus and around the world, earn prestigious fellowships and grant awards, and collaborate with F&M students and alumni. They engage local community partners and work together to meet challenges in Lancaster City and the surrounding county. They publish peer-reviewed articles, book manuscripts, novels, essays, and collections of poetry. They exhibit artwork and perform in concert halls and theatres nationally and internationally. F&M is a hub not only for learning but for knowledge creation and creativity, where ideas and discoveries drive academic life in and out of the classroom.
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Story 11/19/2021

F&M Launches Chesapeake Watershed Initiative

The Richard King Mellon Foundation is supporting the newly established Chesapeake Watershed...

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Story 11/12/2021

Mentors Benefit as Much as Mentees

Chemistry Professor Jennifer Morford, recipient of the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation...

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Story 11/3/2021

Dye Magic Changes Yellow to ‘Japan Blue’

As part of the Japanese Program's fall celebration, students learn shibori, a Japanese tie-dyeing...

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Story 9/28/2021

Translating (Перевести) Russian Works in English

When Professor Jon Stone started a project to translate a series of Russian stories in 2018,  a...

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Story 9/22/2021

A New Director at F&M’s Center for Politics and Public...

Franklin & Marshall Government Professor Stephen Medvic was named the new director of the College’s...

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Story 7/7/2021

Beloved Professor Earns Distinguished Service Award

From his office in Gerhart House to the provost’s office in Old Main to classrooms around the...

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Dewey Award | Dan Ardia
Story 7/2/2021

Dewey Honoree Seeks ‘Intersection of Science and Society’

Whether he’s leading ornithology studies in Latin America or Lancaster, the impact of Franklin &...

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Story 7/1/2021

Geosciences Professor Earns Outstanding Educator Award

F&M was a pioneering institution in establishing dual teaching posts for faculty couples. Two...

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Story 6/25/2021

Professor Embraces ‘Uncomfortable’ in Learning

Chemistry Professor  Jennifer Morford , this year's recipient of the Christian R. and Mary E....

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