The F&M faculty comprises not only accomplished teachers but also renowned scholars who are active in their fields of expertise. Professors conduct groundbreaking research on campus and around the world, earn prestigious fellowships and grant awards, and collaborate with F&M students and alumni. They engage local community partners and work together to meet challenges in Lancaster City and the surrounding county. They publish peer-reviewed articles, book manuscripts, novels, essays, and collections of poetry. They exhibit artwork and perform in concert halls and theatres nationally and internationally. F&M is a hub not only for learning but for knowledge creation and creativity, where ideas and discoveries drive academic life in and out of the classroom.
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Story 8/9/2022

F&M Professor Reflects on Pandemic’s Personal Cost

Nicholas Montemarano's new memoir,  “If There Are Any Heavens,” is a poetic elegy highlighting the...

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Story 6/2/2022

Research Award Enables Post-Baccalaureate Study at F&M

Following graduation May 14, chemistry major Rebecca Qi Luo ’22 returned to the F&M laboratory...

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Story 5/4/2022

Leading Environmental Expert from F&M Elected to National...

The National Academy of Sciences recently elected Dorothy Merritts, the Harry W. and Mary B....

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Story 3/29/2022

Students, Staff Help Local Neighbors, Build Community

For spring break, the Catastrophic Relief Alliance (CRA) at Franklin & Marshall College joined with...

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Story 3/22/2022

‘A Little Medicine, A Little Philosophy’

An F&M professor and his former student – now a doctor – teamed up to explore an ethical puzzle:...

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Story 3/14/2022

Community-Based Learning Teaches in Real Time

In Professor David Ashworth's public health course on problem-solving courts, he gets the students...

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Story 2/28/2022

Faculty, alumni, students react to war in Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has  launched renewed interest in the humanities and prompted media...

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Jennifer Morford
Story 2/25/2022

Jennifer Morford: Science in Between

Professor of Chemistry Jennifer Morford said contributing to students’ learning “would be an...

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Story 2/16/2022

Dewey Lecturer Deciphers Our Changing World

“We live in a changing world – one where the pace of change exceeds historical rates as we can best...

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