Mission and Objectives


The core mission of Franklin & Marshall's Office of Institutional Research (IR) is to provide reliable, consistent, and comprehensive data and analyses to support the College's strategic initiatives and decision-making.  This includes current, historical, and longitudinal data as well as comparisons to peer institutions and national standards.

IR coordinates the submission of College data to external parties, such as the U.S. Department of Education and college guidebook publishers.

We are a member of the Association of Institutional Research (AIR), the Northeast Association of Institutional Research (NEAIR) , and the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS).  We follow the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice guidelines developed by AIR.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Promote the use of quality data that are accurate, accessible, and contextualized so that we can enhance our awareness of challenges and opportunities as they are developing and promote strategies for addressing them.  Support all areas in institutional assessment and the faculty in the assessment of learning outcomes.
  • Promote the integration of data-informed decision making through all areas of the College's work.  Collaborate with all College divisions regarding acquisition, mining, analysis, and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative information.
  • Promote greater transparency so that more useful management information is available on a regular basis to FPS and other constituencies.
  • Produce strategic analysis on contemporary issues, both internal as well as external to F&M, to promote a broader understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and how this positions us within higher education more generally. 


  • Provide data to academic units pertinent to their planning and assessment work
  • Collaborate with administrative units in all areas in the development and implementation of assessment plans and the use of the results to improve operation and performance.
  • Support Senior Staff and other decision makers in having appropriate data and analysis so that decisions are data-driven and informed.
  • Oversee all external disbursal of quantitative information.  Coordinate the submission of annual surveys to IPEDS, Middle States, NCAA and other required reports.  Coordinate the submission of information to guidebooks for ranking and other purposes.

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The Long Term Value of A Liberal Arts Education 

When it comes to selecting a college, upfront costs are often emphasized over lifetime value and outcomes. It is also important to consider an individual’s long-term earnings upon graduation from an institution to reveal the true value of that four-year degree.

The following report reveals that a highly selective small liberal arts college education typically yields a highly competitive return on investment. With emphasis on a diverse exploration of multiple fields, this education provides students with the skills needed to excel in a myriad of professions throughout the span of their careers.

Return on Investment Research Report

This report presents new evidence to show that, strictly from the perspective of that financial investment, an education at a small private liberal arts college has an attractive financial rate of return on investment (FROI).  

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Graduation and Retention 

Graduation Rate

The four-year graduation rate for the cohort of students who entered Franklin & Marshall in the fall 2016 is 81%.  The six-year graduation rate for this cohort is 86%

Retention Rate

88% of the cohort who entered the College in fall 2021 as first-time, first-year students were enrolled in the fall of 2022.


Franklin & Marshall College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  Our accreditation was reaffirmed in 2019; our next re-accreditation evaluation will be in 2027-2028.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education

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Contact Information 

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives 

Alan S. Caniglia
Phone: 717-358-3993

Institutional Research

Christine D. Alexander
Phone: 717-358-4168

Lindsey A. D. Palumbo, PhD
Phone: 717-358-5992