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Students who learn to confront the complex issues of today's world become the leaders who solve everyday problems in whatever path they choose in life.

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The Franklin & Marshall curriculum provides a framework for our students’ intellectual development over their four years at F&M, and helps them become the creative, responsible and ambitious participants in learning who will be exceptionally prepared to live and work beyond their years in college. 

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Exceptional Faculty-Student Collaboration

At Franklin & Marshall College, we believe that undergraduate research, with careful mentoring of a faculty supervisor, can be one of a student's most meaningful and significant experiences at F&M, and it shouldn't be a "rare" experience for just a few hand-picked students.

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The Pulse of  Academics at F&M

Story 10/20/2017

Autumn Research Fair: Learning Why Writers Write What They...

Time-honored advice for would-be authors is “write what you know.” Franklin & Marshall College senior Joseph Yamulla kept that in mind as he researched how location and place influenced the writings...

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Story 10/20/2017

Speaker Gives the Skinny on Being Fat

Audiences unfamiliar with author Kimberly Dark and her performance, “Things I Learned from Fat People on a Plane,” might think by the title she is anything but voluptuous. 

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Story 10/19/2017

Autumn Research Fair: How 19th Century White Performers...

Digging deep into library archives and university collections, Franklin & Marshall College junior Jael Lewis spent part of her summer immersed in the world of entertainment in antebellum Philadelphia 

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October 24
event 10/24/2017

2017-2018 Hausman Lecture

Barshinger Concert Hall

2017-2018 Hausman Lecture Nick Flynn Barshinger Center for the Musical Arts 8:00 pm Reading...

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October 25
event 10/25/2017

Work/Life Balance Wednesday - Planning for Eldercare

Faculty Center

Faculty are invited to join us for this lunchtime discussion on issues surrounding eldercare with...

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October 26
event 10/26/2017

Prior to Equal and Unequal: What Phenomenology Can Tell Us...

Barshinger Concert Hall

Stephan Käufer John Williamson Nevin Memorial Professor of Philosophy We often don’t see what we...

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