Students Helping Students Learn

Writing Center

Reflecting the belief that writing is a vital part of a student's education and ultimate professional success, the College's Writing Center, staffed by student writing assistants, helps students with all categories of writing .

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Quantitative & Science Center

Through free peer tutoring, the Quantitative & Science Center improves learning outcomes by offering support in helping students develop their quantitative and science skills. 

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Environmental Education

Center for the Sustainable Environment

The Center  for Sustainable Environment was created to consolidate the many interests and initiatives relating to environmental stewardship and sustainability on the Franklin & Marshall campus.   

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Millport Conservancy

The Millport Conservancy is dedicated to research and education for F&M students, faculty, staff and community members. Ten miles from campus, the conservancy provides opportunities for classes, research and volunteer projects, and recreational activities.   

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Spalding Conservancy

The Spalding Conservancy formerly served as a brick-making facility, a municipal landfill and a reclaimed urban wildland. Now, faculty and students conduct research on recovering brownfields and wetland evolution on the property.  

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Tapping into the Arts

Phillips Museum of Art

The Phillips Museum of Art serves as a catalyst for teaching innovation, a center for student and faculty research, and a learning community that reaches beyond the F&M campus. The museum also hosts visiting scholars and artists, broadening the resources for course-based and independent research.

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Philadelphia Alumni Writers House

Not actually just for Philadelphia Alumni, the Writers House serves as the literary performance space for the College community, welcomes world-class and emerging authors, incubates student writing talent, and hosts F&M classes, among its many activities.  

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Public Policy and Research Analysis

Two centers operate within Franklin & Marshall's Floyd Institute for Public Policy Analysis, which provides students with an opportunity to apply skills they gain in public policy and research methods to significant questions of public policy.

Center for Opinion Research

Nationally recognized as the home for the Franklin & Marshall College Poll, the Center for Opinion Research is a full-scale survey research organization. It provides services to both the College and outside organizations, including non-profit groups, government, corporations, and the news media.

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Center for Politics and Public Affairs

The Center for Politics and Public Affairs holds public and campus forums and specialized sessions dealing with a wide variety of public and political matters. It also sponsors events  and oversees the administrative side of the Franklin & Marshall College Poll.

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A Global Community

Joseph International Center

The JIC is home to all who seek to meet across borders, cultures, and languages through intellectual, artistic, cultural, and even culinary exchanges. Through our programs and activities, we seek to promote those habits of mind and heart that enable ourselves and our students to think, live, and act in the world as global citizens. 

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