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Acquiring one of the most essential skills--learning how to question--is at the heart of the study of the humanities at Franklin & Marshall College.  

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We recognize that in whatever path of life students choose, the ability to understand differing values, identify conflicts in thinking and reasoning, and find answers to complex questions is essential for cultivating qualities of innovation and leadership.

That's why we emphasize study in intimate classes, with the student-to-faculty ratio in some humanities majors, such as philosophy, as small as 5:1. And we also offer opportunities for field study and research that students might usually expect to pursue in the sciences or other fields. Students at F&M experience and engage with the questions that students elsewhere might only read about.

This is part of the distinctiveness  in our approach to the humanities. Study at F&M spans the full range of study of human culture and the human experience, from classical archaeology to literature, to philosophy and cultural studies, and through languages.

F&M embraces the principle that students who are linguistically, intellectually and culturally equipped to communicate successfully are better prepared to thrive in our multicultural society, both in the United States and around the world.

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Did you know?

Some of the world's most prominent leaders in all sectors of business and industry majored in the humanities as undergraduates at colleges across the country:

  • Founder of the CNN and TBS cable TV networks, Ted Turner, was a classics major
  • Former Walt Disney Company CEO Michael Eisner was a double major in English and theatre
  • Former CEO of MTV, Judy McGrath, and the former CEO of Avon cosmetics, Andrea Jung, were both English majors

Among graduates of F&M:

  • Former counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Stan Brand graduated with a major in English
  • Actor Treat Williams of the TV series "Heartland" and "Everwood" majored in drama (now configured as a major in theatre)

The Pulse of the Humanities at F&M

Story 10/10/2018

Faculty Humanities Research Colloquium: ENVIRONMENTS

We often evoke the vocabulary of crisis when speaking about the Humanities—and justifiably so—but the existential challenge to the Humanities is often shadowed by two other urgent, and frequently...

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Story 11/14/2017

F&M's OCG Welcomes Emily Seitz, Assistant Director for...

The staff in the Office of College Grants is pleased to introduce Emily Seitz as our new assistant director for fellowships and grants in the humanities and social sciences. 

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Story 11/3/2017

Reflections on the Russian Revolution 100 Years Later

In reflections on the Soviet era, Franklin & Marshall College features the staged readings, in English, of selected poems by three remarkable Russian poets who are considered to have set the tone for...

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