Dolores Film Screening and Panel

March 02 '2018 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Stager 102 Stahr Auditorium

Dolores. Dir. Peter Bratt, USA, 2017. [Documentary]

You can judge Dolores Huerta by what others say about her. Just choose a side: Bobby Kennedy, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have sung her praises, while Richard Nixon, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly have disparaged her ideas. Better yet, judge her by her accomplishments, which are outlined in “Dolores,” a documentary that extols her lifelong, and seemingly unlimited, fighting spirit in the service of workers’ rights.

Peter Bratt, the director, uses an immense amount of historical footage and interviews, arranged with clarity. Although his film is intended to applaud Ms. Huerta, he doesn’t shy away from the toll her travels and choices took on her family. Several of her 11 children are interviewed, and they express pride in their mother, yet recall the deep unhappiness they felt when growing up, often without her around. The sexism that hindered her, too, isn’t glossed over. —NYT