Italian Migrations Reading Group: Igiaba Scego's novel Adua

February 25 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Virtual Event

"Adua, by Igiaba Scego, translated by Jamie Richards, is a lyrical novel that describes the cultural alienation of Somalis living in Italy, both in the present and during the 1930s under the reign of Mussolini.  [...] The novel is not a linear, autobiographical tale; instead, the author merges African fable and folklore, family anecdotes, and a sophisticated knowledge of literature and cinema to explore themes of colonialism, racism, and power." (Adapted from Gretchen McCullough's book review on

This event is part of the Italian Studies and Hebrew Department's efforts toward creating an anti-racist intellectual community. Our aim is to help decolonize our perspectives on Italian culture and promote an anti-racist approach, while expanding our community's knowledge of cultural scenarios that are different from the current American one. 

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Hosted by Stefania Benini, Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian