Juegos de la Palabra (Spanish Game Night)

October 20 '2017 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Writers House Reading Room

SPANISH GAME NIGHTS ~ FALL 2017 The "Juegos de la palabra" is a ​ language tournament ​in which participants play Spanish word games (¡Alto!, Rapigrama, Rebuscados, Silly SentencesDon Quixote, etc.*) during three encounters (Oct. 20, Nov. 3, and Nov. 17 ~ 6:00PM @ the Writers House). There will be prizes for the winners, free T-Shirts ​for all players, pizza, snacks and tons of fun!!! This activity is an ideal opportunity for you to practice and increase your Spanish lexicon, share your knowledge and learning enthusiasm -- all while having fun with your classmates.
​RSVP + Questions? Contact Prof. Díaz-Luna:
*About some of the games:
The game has 13 letter dice that players roll up to three times, trying to form a crossword with them before a sand timer runs out. When a player is done or time runs out, they score the value of the words minus the value of unused dice. First one to reach an agreed score (usually 200 points) wins the game. A classic since the late '70s - early '80s, Rapigrama remains one of the most popular boardgames in Argentina, sold in every toy store and supermarket.
The land noble Don Quixote arranges his own small principality in such a way in his fantasy as he considers it correct: Knights protect its castles and borders; roads connect windmills and churches. Not all will connect in a logical way but that doesn't matter to him. He has his own image of the reality. The player who can fill his principality the best with roads and protects its castles and borders with knights will get the most points and win the game.
This is a word meaning game with some particularities:
1.- It has card with STRANGE words, so they are very difficult and, because not a lot people know their meaning, allows to bluff and laugh a lot.
2.- Players start in the ignorance gear and must go until the knowledge gear.
3.- Each player has it’s own path on the board.
4.- Each path is different because contains different icons, that allows you to get bonus points if the image on the gear you are on mach the one in the card being played.
As with all this kind of games, players must give the meaning of the word that appears in a card. In they don’t know it they must bluff, so he can convince the other players that his meaning is the right one. Each time they get a vote, he advance in the board until one of them reaches the knowledge gear.
This activity is organized by the Department of Spanish & Linguistics with support from the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House, and the Academic Innovation Fund Grant by the Faculty Center. This event is designed to commemorate the National Hispanic Heritage Month 2017 at Franklin & Marshall College.