Direct, Compose, Perform the Arts 

The study of the arts at Franklin & Marshall is characterized by a focus on the inspiration and exploration of the individual.

Student actors don't come to our campus only to act in others' plays. F&M student dancers don't stop at performing someone else's choreography. Our musicians strive beyond playing existing compositions. And in film studies, students don't merely critique the films of others.

At F&M, faculty are committed to working one-on-one with students who strive also to stage their own plays, compose their own music, choreograph their own dance movements, write their own novels, and produce their own films.

Students have every opportunity to learn from the talents and skill of past and current playwrights, painters, composers, novelists and other established artists in every field. But the F&M difference lies in the creative drive and the opportunity to act on it.

The Department of Art and Art History educates students both in the making of art and also in art's historical analysis. Students in academic programs that explore the creative and performing arts learn the history, theory, and practice of those arts. But as part of our distinctive approach, we are committed to taking it a step further. Faculty work directly with students to explore how their art is a "visualization" of values that have relevance and significance in today's world.

"Art study isn't just about acquiring skill. We teach the value of having something to communicate."
Michael Clapper
Associate Professor of Art History and Chair of the Department of Art and Art History
Student  film is an example of art created, not just studied
Heave(n) - Chris Alsen '17, Doug Benton '17, Zach Ezickson '17

"Heave(n)" by Chris Alsen '17, Doug Benton '17, and Zach Ezickson '17. Produced in Fundamentals of Motion Picture Production, Spring 2014. One of three F&M student films selected for this year’s Binghamton Experimental Student Film Festival.

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Students Create and Perform in Music, Dance and Theatre

Art as Collaboration

"The professors in the visual arts took the time to seriously critique my work like I was already a practicing artist. It didn't feel like they were professors. It felt like we were collaborators."
Salina Almanzar '13
Award winner of F&M's Nissley Grant for outstanding research projects in the arts, humanities or social sciences

The Pulse of the Arts at F&M 

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