What Is a Connections Course?

Connections is the keystone of Franklin & Marshall’s general education curriculum.   Starting with the class of 2018, all students are required to complete two Connections (CNX) seminars — a CNX1 course in their first semester, and a CNX2 course in the spring of the first year, or no later than their third semester at the College.  

For the first seminar, "Connections 1," students learn the intellectual skills necessary for their entire careers at F&M.  Students in the seminars also live together in one of the College Houses, promoting the integration of the residence hall and the classroom in order to enhance both the academic success and the personal growth of students.

In the "Connections 2" seminar, students prepare for more advanced courses at F&M by improving on skills they began building in "Connections 1" —   the ability to read closely, understand, reason and debate; refine judgement; and engage in analysis of problems examined from multiple perspectives.

Additional Information:

Learn more about the Connections Curriculum.

Learn more about Teaching the Connections Curriculum Website. (Requires Franklin & Marshall NetId login to view)


  • Professor Lee Franklin teaches a summer course "On Memory" in Barshinger Life Sciences building. During this class they discuss the significance related to the design of the World Trade Center Memorial in NYC.

	F&M College Prep students participate in an interactive game during the "Power: A Sociological View" class taught by Sociology Professor Katherine McClelland in the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House. (Photo by Melissa Hess)