How F&M Does
Social Sciences 

“Social sciences” study the human-made world: how people interact, how we build social institutions and how our lives are affected by larger patterns of inequality and opportunity.  Subjects like anthropology, history, sociology, economics, government, public health, public policy, business, organizations and society and more are considered part of the social sciences family.

The way we teach the social sciences at F&M shapes minds, builds curiosity, launches careers and has an impact on students for a lifetime.

Working side-by-side with deeply engaged faculty on innovative social research projects—whether it be interviewing urban migrants on a study abroad program in Latin America, discovering long-neglected aspects of Lancaster's history in local archives, designing a survey on people's health practices or investigating your own ideas about educational reform, you’ll develop a specialized understanding of societies and the human impact on our world.

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Out-of-the-Classroom Learning

When you study social sciences at F&M, you’ll have opportunities to go beyond the classroom and step into the societies you’re studying. You can put what you’ve learned to practice through field study and research opportunities, internships and more. Social sciences students have engaged in research projects in F&M’s home city of Lancaster, as well as Spain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand.


Social Sciences
in Action at F&M

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