Research is in F&M’s DNA

Research at F&M takes students far beyond the classroom. From fieldwork to civic engagement in Lancaster, see the unlimited research opportunities at F&M. 

Story 4/8/2022

Senior Studies Russian Politics in Real Time

As a Ukrainian immigrant, F&M senior Anna Synakh’s interest in Russian politics is close to home. Her research focuses on Russian soft-power politics from the early 2000s to present day.

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Story 4/7/2022

A Book Club For Second Chances

F&M senior Jolie Rosenberg believes in second chances. This mixed with a sympathy for incarcerated populations led her to craft an education project for the Lancaster County Prison.  

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Story 4/6/2022

Exploring How Images Present New Ways to Tell a Story

 Senior Sojin Shin has a twofold love of words and images. It’s only fitting she chose to explore how her skills in art and writing complement each other by creating a graphic novel.

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Story 4/4/2022

Satellite Images and Climate Change: What's the Connection?

What happens to a fishing community during a drought? A sophomore researcher uses images and computer skills to show what that experience looks like.

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Story 4/1/2022

‘Streams are the Canary in the Coal Mine’

Using aerial photography and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, F&M sophomore Sydney Levins is researching stream-channel dynamics of Fishing Creek North Nature Preserve in Lancaster.

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Story 3/30/2022

Biology, Psychology Interests Lead Researcher to Potential...

Hailan Yu's research for new antibiotic compounds plows relatively untouched ground.

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Story 3/7/2022

Why Research? It Teaches You More Than You Think

There are surprising lessons hidden within the research experience. Two F&M students and a recent graduate share the valuable insights they discovered while researching alongside Assistant Professor...

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Story 1/17/2022

Students Journey to Hawaii for Extra-Galactic Research

Three F&M students traveled with their professor to Hawaii last fall  for his research related to the James Webb Space Telescope and Hawaii’s W. M. Keck Observatory.

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Story 1/10/2022

Students: Computer Science Research Wants You

F&M’s computer science faculty want to introduce students to research opportunities in artificial intelligence, robotics, app programming and other projects at a Jan. 18 seminar. 

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Story 11/19/2021

F&M Launches Chesapeake Watershed Initiative

The Richard King Mellon Foundation is supporting the newly established Chesapeake Watershed Initiative at Franklin & Marshall College with $1.25-million grant.

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Story 11/10/2021

From Alaska to Lancaster: A Student’s Journey

From racing in the Iditarod to examining Alaska's museum archives, senior Ashley Guernsey holds a unique knowledge of the state's topographical, historical and religious landscape.

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Story 10/15/2021

Research Fair: Students Study Pandemic Impact on Lancaster...

Students Lily Nolan and Alysse Danyi are investigating how motivations, beliefs, perceptions and decisions of small-business owners have influenced labor dynamics during the pandemic.     

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Story 10/14/2021

Research Fair: Senior Studies Hope, Solidarity and Cognition

Senior Maceo Whatley turned to philosophy when experiment-based psychology “just didn't leave me with the kind of answers I wanted,” he said.

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Story 10/14/2021

Research Fair: Learning English Online During the Pandemic

Intrigued by survey results and inspired by her connection to language learning, junior Lauren Chen explored COVID-19 and its impact on adult English language learners’ interest in taking online...

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Story 10/12/2021

Research Fair: The Power in Engaging the Community Through...

What happens when art and civic engagement meet? Senior Sarah Sutter spent her summer showing how effective, and important, it is when they do. 

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Story 10/11/2021

Research Fair: Discovering Discrepancies in Theoretical...

 Before he turns to the computer for his research, physics major Evan Shinn calculates by hand to determine corrections to a theory on positronium energy levels.

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Story 8/13/2021

Summer Research in Lancaster City’s Rain Gardens: A Photo...

Ever wonder what student research at F&M looks like? This photo collection explores a biology lab’s research on the rain gardens in F&M’s home city of Lancaster. 

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Story 8/4/2021

Students Gain Hands-On Public Health Experience

Senior Sydney Wieczkowski has already put her public health degree to work in Lancaster City before even graduating from Franklin & Marshall.  

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Story 7/26/2021

Weaving Lancaster’s Rich Farming Community into the...

F&M is tucked in the center of a county full of lush rolling farmland. These students are researching how to take advantage of these agricultural surroundings by adding a sustainable food systems...

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Story 7/23/2021

Left Behind: Research Highlights Immigrant Hardships During...

Born in Quito, Ecuador, rising junior Yuliana Tamayo knows firsthand the uncertainties faced by immigrants arriving in the United States.  

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