Research is in F&M’s DNA

Research at F&M takes students far beyond the classroom. From fieldwork to civic engagement in Lancaster, see the unlimited research opportunities at F&M. 

Story 11/21/2022

Students Decode Zoom Gestures

"Gesturing is a form of communication that is so routine to us that we hardly notice it, yet it serves a huge role in daily interactions by communicating emotions and ideas that speech can't," said...

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Story 11/14/2022

A Burning Passion for Anthropology

A childhood spent growing up around Native American artifacts unearthed in her  backyard left F&M senior Madison Fortier with an abiding interest in archaeology.  

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Story 11/11/2022

F&M Compost Co-Op Diverts Costs and CO2 in Lancaster

A College compost initiative has evolved into a co-op saving the City of Lancaster $5,215 per year – all while diverting 16,638 pounds of food waste from the solid-waste stream each month.

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Story 10/25/2022

CDC-Sponsored Fellowship is an Exciting Step for Senior and...

In summer 2022, senior Florian Direny pursued an opportunity to gain valuable experience in health care policy through an internship at the Centers for Disease Control.

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Story 9/2/2022

Aspiring Neuroscientist Tackles Cutting-Edge Research in...

Senior neuroscience major Beta Cai, from Shanghai, spent his summer conducting biomedical research in the pharmacology department at the University of Illinois-Chicago. We asked him to tell us more...

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Story 8/22/2022

Overcoming Challenges, He Realized His Dream

Despite the challenges life has thrown his way, Franklin & Marshall student Cristian Toro Meza pursues his dreams undaunted. 

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Story 8/19/2022

F&M Senior Explores 'Core Spirit' of Today’s Engineering...

What is engineering for humanity? F&M senior Yusong (Sebastian) Deng spent his summer working as a student researcher on a project he called the “core spirit” of today’s engineering studies. 

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Story 6/22/2022

‘A Dream Come True’: Fulbright Awards Nine F&M Alumni

Fulbright Awards have taken F&M alumni to more than 25 countries over the past decade. This year’s cohort of awardees will continue that globetrotting tradition.

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Story 4/8/2022

Senior Studies Russian Politics in Real Time

As a Ukrainian immigrant, F&M senior Anna Synakh’s interest in Russian politics is close to home. Her research focuses on Russian soft-power politics from the early 2000s to present day.

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Story 4/7/2022

A Book Club For Second Chances

F&M senior Jolie Rosenberg believes in second chances. This mixed with a sympathy for incarcerated populations led her to craft an education project for the Lancaster County Prison.  

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Story 4/6/2022

Exploring How Images Present New Ways to Tell a Story

 Senior Sojin Shin has a twofold love of words and images. It’s only fitting she chose to explore how her skills in art and writing complement each other by creating a graphic novel.

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Story 4/4/2022

Satellite Images and Climate Change: What's the Connection?

What happens to a fishing community during a drought? A sophomore researcher uses images and computer skills to show what that experience looks like.

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Story 4/1/2022

‘Streams are the Canary in the Coal Mine’

Using aerial photography and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, F&M sophomore Sydney Levins is researching stream-channel dynamics of Fishing Creek North Nature Preserve in Lancaster.

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Story 3/30/2022

Biology, Psychology Interests Lead Researcher to Potential...

Hailan Yu's research for new antibiotic compounds plows relatively untouched ground.

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Story 3/7/2022

Why Research? It Teaches You More Than You Think

There are surprising lessons hidden within the research experience. Two F&M students and a recent graduate share the valuable insights they discovered while researching alongside Assistant Professor...

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Story 1/17/2022

Students Journey to Hawaii for Extra-Galactic Research

Three F&M students traveled with their professor to Hawaii last fall  for his research related to the James Webb Space Telescope and Hawaii’s W. M. Keck Observatory.

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Story 1/10/2022

Students: Computer Science Research Wants You

F&M’s computer science faculty want to introduce students to research opportunities in artificial intelligence, robotics, app programming and other projects at a Jan. 18 seminar. 

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Story 11/19/2021

F&M Launches Chesapeake Watershed Initiative

The Richard King Mellon Foundation is supporting the newly established Chesapeake Watershed Initiative at Franklin & Marshall College with $1.25-million grant.

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Story 11/10/2021

From Alaska to Lancaster: A Student’s Journey

From racing in the Iditarod to examining Alaska's museum archives, senior Ashley Guernsey holds a unique knowledge of the state's topographical, historical and religious landscape.

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Story 10/15/2021

Research Fair: Students Study Pandemic Impact on Lancaster...

Students Lily Nolan and Alysse Danyi are investigating how motivations, beliefs, perceptions and decisions of small-business owners have influenced labor dynamics during the pandemic.     

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