Supporting Student Success at F&M

Franklin & Marshall is committed to the success of every student. The College offers a full range of services to support  learning, creative exploration, and success, both on campus and also for the lives of our graduates beyond F&M.

Graduation Requirements

The Franklin & Marshall curriculum combines a spirit of innovation with a strong sense of tradition. It encompasses elements that prepare studnets fo the cross-disciplinary nature of knowledge in the 21st century.

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Academic Advising

Faculty are central to the system of academic support at Franklin & Marshall. One of our guiding principles is the belief that academic advising is a natural component and extension of classroom teaching. Resources also include professions advising and disability services.

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Student Research, Grants & Funding

Students at F&M can benefit from a wide range of funding and educational program opportunities to support innovative research, independent study, presentation of scholarly work, service activities and study abroad. 

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Tutoring and Related Resources

Tutoring & Student Support Services on Campus

Browse through the wide variety of resources available in departments and centers across campus.  

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General Resources for College Success

How are your study skills? Use these links to brush up on essential skills for success.  

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A preceptor is a student with competence in an academic subject who acts as a liaison between students and a professor; as a resource to the professor in and out of the classroom; as a resource to students; and as a mentor.  

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Support Beyond Campus 

International and Off-campus Study (Study Abroad)

Global education is a strong focus at Franklin & Marshall. The College offers resources for planning your trip; funding student travel through fellowships and grants; and peer mentoring with "off-campus study ambassadors." There is also an Off-Campus Study Fair.

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Post-graduate Fellowship Opportunities (Students and Alumni)

F&M students and alumni have access to support  as they apply for various post-graduate national and international fellowships, including, among others, the Fulbright, Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes scholarships. F&M also offers summer scholarships to support travel for study and research.

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Transcripts, Course Selection and Honors Recognition 

Registrar and Transcripts

The Office of the Registrar maintains resources for course selection and planning a course of study; monitoring progress toward degree; academic calendars and exam schedules; and for current students and alumni to access academic records.

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Deans and Honors List

Franklin & Marshall  recognizes students for their scholarship and academic achievement. Students selected for the Dean's or Honors Lists are listed  online after the close of the grading process each semester, and the College provides resources for publicity in hometown newspapers.  

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