What is Academic Advising?

F&M’s faculty-based advising program blends practical with holistic advice to foster student agency in their college experience. We encourage students to reflect critically about their choices in order to find the academic program that best encourages their development. Faculty advisers are given extensive support and training resources so as to learn how to provide students with access to the tools they need to thrive. 

Year-by-Year Academic Advising

Discover what academic advising to expect for your first, second, third and fourth years at F&M.

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Professions Advising 

Advisers in the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development are available to meet with students and alumni who are interested in pursing a career in healthcare, attending law school or pursuing a legal-related career. 

Advising in Special Circumstances 

Specialized advising is available for students with disabilities, students studying off campus and students pursuing post-graduate fellowship opportunities.

Academic Advising Resources 

Resources for Students and Advisers

From a glossary of advising terms to a list of the forms you may need, these resources available to foster the most successful academic advising experience.  

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Resources for Advisers

This site is full of useful information if you're an academic adviser looking for guidance.

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Mission of Academic Advising at F&M

Academic advising at Franklin & Marshall is focused on promoting learning and successful transitions of students. Through the advising relationship, the adviser attempts to inspire in students an awareness of skills and competencies associated with academic success, the ability for meaningful self-reflection, and the use of sound decision-making skills. Academic advising facilitates this learning by engaging students in an advising dialogue that promotes the expression and justification of individual goals and objectives and where the adviser guides the learner through the decision-making process.