What is a Preceptor?

This is a resource for faculty and students who are thinking about precepting or are currently involved with precepting. The site has been developed by former preceptors.

A preceptor is a student with competence in the subject who acts as a liaison between students and a professor; as a resource to the professor in and out of the classroom by providing input on course ideas and assignments, communicating student concerns, and playing a role in the classroom; as a resource to students for writing, course material, and assignments; and as a mentor who helps students in and out of the classroom to transition to the academic expectations of college.

A preceptor can only be used for a Connections  course. A professor wanting to use a preceptor should contact Kim Armstrong (kim.armstrong@fandm.edu) for information. The professor will need to submit a request to the Associate Dean of the College. Preceptors will then be enrolled in INT 480, which is a 1 credit course. The course meets approximately every other week (times to be arranged with the preceptors). The goal of the course is to supplement your experience by reading and talking about issues that lie at the heart of precepting. The course provides an invaluable forum for preceptors to work with each other, share ideas, and provide guidance for future preceptors.

What Every Preceptor and Professor Should Know