What follows are different ways that preceptors have been involved in and outside the classroom in past years.

Inside the classroom:

  1. Preceptors provide a brief introduction to the material, including drawing on media, current events, or their own experiences
  2. Lead or participate in discussions or discussion groups
  3. Teach a class
  4. Provide presentations on writing
  5. Provide different perspective on the material based on other other coursework or experiences

Outside the classroom:

  1. Work with students on writing
  2. Help prepare students for exams, including review sessions
  3. Help draft assignments
  4. Suggest materials for the class (material to read, images, videos)
  5. Read and provide comments on drafts or final papers
  6. Confer with professor about the papers, including assessment of and comments about the papers
  7. Set up informal events (talks, movies, pizza parties)
  8. Hold office hours