How F&M Does the Arts 

Music, literature, painting, dance, film—and so much more! When you study the arts at F&M, you’ll be studying the countless ways in which we express our creativity and imagination as well as the impact artistic expression has in our world.

At F&M, studying the arts and making art go hand in hand.

Classes in history, criticism and theory deliberately weave into practice, and you’ll have ample opportunities in and out of class to perform, choreograph, compose, curate and publish. At F&M, you’ll also study and create in world-class facilities, including our stunning Winter Visual Arts Center, our purpose-built Writers House, the Phillips Museum of Art, the Roschel Performing Arts Center and more. Our campus is tailor-made to incubate artists.

  • Karen Rosviar and Andrew Montoya prepare a dance that is a remake of a duet that Karen was making last spring with Vicente Brambila '20, who passed away suddenly about a month ago (a huge loss for us in dance, and all around campus). The duet never got performed because of the pandemic. Remaking it is a way for her to honor Vicente. (Andrew is dancing his role.) The title of the duet is: Noche de Tangos Porteños

Perform, Compose, Direct

Act in a play. Perform your favorite composition. Critique a classic film. Then take it a step further. You’ll have opportunities to work one-on-one with our renowned arts faculty to make and polish your own creative work—writing novels, composing symphonies, choreographing evening length dance pieces and directing plays and films.

The arts at F&M are also about community, and you’ll have the opportunity to curate your own exhibitions and productions, edit and publish your own magazines, contribute to F&M’s annual Emerging Writers Festival, as well as attending professional performances in nearby cities like Philadelphia and New York.

Careers in the Arts 
  • F&M Orchestra and Symphonic Wind Ensemble perform during ceremony.
  • Student drawing
  • Emerging Writers Festival featured writer
  • F&M Theatre performed "Head Over Heels," a Go-Go themed musical and the first outdoor performance ever staged at the Winter Visual Arts Center.
  • Photograph of the exhibition Stitched Stories that reexamined textiles found in the Phillips Museum of Art's permanent collection, crafted by women from the 19th through the 20th centuries
  • Kingdom City, Directed by Seth Duncan, Assistant Director, Emma Covert. Cast: Molly Minter: Miriam Bloom

After graduating from F&M, many of our students pursue graduate studies in the arts at leading programs around the world. Some publish acclaimed novels, some write and direct on Broadway or in Hollywood, some choreograph the innovative dance of today. Other students leverage the skills they’ve gained from the arts—creativity, communication, collaboration and innovation, among others—into careers in publishing, film and television, the museum field, education, marketing, business and more. Our graduates prove that arts-related degrees open doors to countless careers.

See Arts at F&M in Action 
Magnolia Laurie
Portrait of a Musician: Dr. Brian Norcross
Noche de Tangos Portenos
Alumni Documentary: Nilaja Sun Gordon '96

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