Take and submit an ASFC ID card photo

All ASFC users are required to submit a passport-style digital photo to F&M to be used in the creation of your ASFC ID card.

Step One:  Have someone take your picture with a camera or cell phone.  Stand in front of a white or off-white wall no less than 4 foot away from the camera or cell phone.

  • No hats, sunglasses, etc.  See passport guidelines.
  • Photo should include shoulders and plenty of space above your head.

 Step Two: Crop your photo using this tool.

  • Save the cropped photo as "CROPPED-IMG -LAST NAME-AFFILIATION".  Send this saved photo to your cell phone or computer email address.   Your photo should look like this:
  • passport photo

Step Three: Email your cropped photo (actual size) to IDPhoto@fandm.edu. Please include your first name, last name, and affiliation in the subject line. 

The Auxiliary Service Office will review the photo you submit and if all guidelines have been followed, they will produce your ID card.

A photo ID (drivers license or passport are acceptable) will be required for you to pick up your ASFC ID.  Contact the Auxiliary Service Office if you have any questions.  717-358-4730