Overview for Reservations

Using Event Management Systems software, the reservation system allows for a centralized collection and display of confirmed room, vehicle, or Guest House reservations in one collective book, all of which have been considered and approved by the appropriate site managers from across campus. The system allows departments and site managers to control their unique spaces and ensure that each request matches with the purpose of the room and is appropriate in the setting.  This is a seamless process for the requester and allows our departments to provide services and resources as necessary to meet the need for a space or vehicle.  

There is a one-business day booking requirement to request a space on campus. If you are attempting to book a space on the same day as the request, please contact the College Reservationist at 717-358-3927 or by email to reservations@fandm.edu for assistance.   

Reservation requests are monitored Monday - Friday, between 9:30am and 4:00pm on days when the College is in operation.


Working with the Reservation System 

Here is a guide to working with reservations, covering how to make a reservation request, how to edit a request and how to cancel a request. 

Go to Inside F&M to log into the reservation system.  Once on inside F&M, locate the menu on the left side of the screen and select Campus Services.    In the Quick Links box, select Room Reservations.  You will need to provide your netID and password enter the reservation system.  Instructions to use the new reservation system are posted here titled "Working with Reservation Requests".


General Information for Reservation Requests

-In order to reserve a room for an event on campus, please note:

  • Reservations MUST be submitted at least 1 business day in advance or request may be denied.
  • Requests are reviewed Monday - Friday from 9:30AM to 4:00PM
  • Allow a minimum of 1 business day for review and acceptance of your request.  
  • Franklin & Marshall NetID credentials are required to log in to the Room Reservation Form

Questions should be directed to the College Reservationist via email at reservations@fandm.edu or by calling 717.358.3927.

While off campus, requests must be submitted through the Reservations website while connected the the VPN network.

If your event is being held in the Barshinger Center, please contact the Music Department at 717-358-4346, for set-up or equipment requirements. Due to the complexity of staging events in the Barshinger Center and the staffing needed for such events, reservations for the use of this space need to be made no less than two weeks in advance.

If your event is being held in the Steinman College Center, please contact SCC Building Manager at scc_reservation@fandm.edu or 717.358.4397 for set-up and equipment requirements.

Please note:  the reservation system requires Franklin & Marshall NetID credentials to log in.


Room Use Guidelines

Please submit your reservation 1  business day  in advance. Reservations that are not submitted 1 business day in advance may not be honored. 

Our office operates Monday-Friday 9:30am-4pm.

Reminder:  Auxiliary Services  can only schedule F&M College spaces for F&M administrative offices or F&M departments, F&M student organizations after the event has been approved by the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership, and fraternity/sorority events after the event has been approved by the directors of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Not part of the F&M Community?

If you or your organization are interested in reserving a space at F&M and you are not part of the F&M community, please contact Conference and Event Services at (717)358-4891. For everyone else, please continue reading.

The following spaces are reservable and administered through the Reservations website.

Steinman College Center:
  • Atrium or individual spaces in the Atrium used for Information Tables: East Lobby, West Lobby
  • Armstrong Room (seats 22)
  • Grundy Room (seats 8)
  • Huth Room (seats 12)
  • Booth Ferris (North seats 120 and South seats 75)
  • East Patio (facing College Ave) and West Patio (facing Hartman Green)
  • Rothman Mall, outside of mailroom
Classroom Buildings:
  • Stager
  • Keiper
  • Kauffman
  • Hackman
  • Life Sciences
  • Harris
Other Buildings:
  • Roschel Theatre
  • Barshinger Concert Hall
  • Guest House Bedrooms
  • Joseph International Center
  • Klehr Center for Jewish Life
  • Wohlsen Center
  • Writer's House
  • 1787, located in College Square
Outdoor Spaces:
  • Hartman Green
  • Residential Quad
  • Spalding Plaza
Athletic Spaces:
  • Alumni Sports & Fitness Center, Mayser Center and Outdoor Athletic Areas 
College Vans
  • 12 Passenger Vans
  • 7 Passenger Vans
  • Sedans
  • 15 Passenger Vans (only available if hiring a college employed driver)

The following spaces are NOT administered through Auxiliary Services.

Please contact individuals listed to reserve the below spaces. 

Dining Services Spaces:
  • Ben Franklin Dining Halls and Ben Franklin Catering Suite  (catering@fandm.edu)
Women's Center:
  • Approval from the Director of the Women's Center is required (717.291.3956).
College Houses
  • Bonchek
  • Brooks
  • Roschel
  • Ware
  • Weis

Event Type Definitions 

While requesting a room, you will be asked to select an Event Type for your reservation. See below for some general guidelines and definitions for the current event categories:

  • College Vehicle - Applies to all reservation requests for college van usage
  • Concerts and Recitals - A public musical performance
  • Dance Performance - A public dance performance
  • Discussion - A student or faculty event (or conversation) in which ideas are exchanged or debated about a certain topic
  • Exhibit         - A public display in an art gallery, museum, research fair, or information session
  • Festival - A celebratory event or function that celebrates some unique aspect of a community or religion
  • Film - Applies to film viewings for academic classes, guest lectures, faculty events, student organizations, or public events
  • Fundraising/Ticket Sales - Specific to student groups who are advertising events or collecting money - fundraisers, ticket sales, registrations, etc
  • Gathering - An informal assembly held for a specific purpose or event
  • Information Table - Tabling for student groups in the Steinmen College Center
  • Lecture/Presentation - An educational or informational talk to an audience about a specific topic
  • Meal - A planned group/department dining event
  • Meeting - An assembly of people for a discussion, conversation, planning events, or entertainment
  • Reading - An occasion in which literature is read to an audience
  • Reception - A formal social occasion held to welcome someone or celebrate an event
  • Recreation - An activity done for enjoyment at outdoor campus locations
  • Rehearsal - A practice of a theatrical or musical work for a later public performance
  • Religious - Any event planned for a religious celebration, discussion, or worship
  • Sleeping Accommodations - Applies to all guest house reservations
  • Theater Performance - A public dramatic or musical performance
  • Tutoring/Study Session - Any event in which an instructor assists students with a particular subject or when a group of students gather to discuss an academic subject
  • Workshop - Applies to training-type situations or when a group of people engage in a discussion or activity for a particular project or topic