Why a Licensing Program

Franklin & Marshall College has a licensing program to ensure appropriate uses of the College's logos, symbols and marks on manufactured goods.

The College enjoys a rich legacy as an institution that values excellence in higher education, as well as collegiate athletics. This tradition has brought with it the responsibility to ensure that F&M's proud heritage is appropriately represented, both nationally and internationally, through a formal process for approving the many goods and products that bear the trademarked Franklin & Marshall College name and representative marks and logos.

The Franklin & Marshall College Licensing Policy responds to the growing demand among students, alumni and friends for products bearing the College's marks and logos, as well as the steady increase in the number of manufacturers who wish to provide these products.

The College's marks include the word marks and associated symbols and logos for "Franklin & Marshall College," "Franklin & Marshall," "Franklin and Marshall College," "Franklin and Marshall," "F&M," "Diplomats," "Franklin & Marshall College Poll," "Franklin and Marshall College Poll," and "F&Mily," as well as the College's official seal depicting the profiles of Ben Franklin and John Marshall.

Entities Governed by the Licensing Program 

The College requires any individual, business, organization or entity that is not part of the incorporated administrative structure of Franklin & Marshall College (external entities) that wishes to use the marks, logos or symbols of Franklin & Marshall on manufactured goods to seek approval before manufacture and to obtain a license.

Entities must obtain a license from the College through the College's licensing agency, Learfield Licensing Partners, LLC (Learfield). This includes vendors producing goods on behalf of a College administrative office or academic unit (such as for employee or volunteer uniforms, or give-aways), though these vendors must pay licensing royalties only on products intended for resale.

The  licensing policy does not apply to goods produced by College administrative or academic units that are NOT intended for sale or resale, such as products for give-a-ways and uniforms for athletic teams and uniforms for College employees. In addition, the licensing policy does not apply to goods produced by student groups and organizations that are NOT intended for sale or resale, such as t-shirts, hats and other goods produced by the College Houses, the student governments, or other student organizations. However, for College administative units and student groups and organizations, an approved licensed vendor must be used to produce the products. 

All entities manufacturing licensed goods, including entities that produce goods for College administrative or academic units and student groups at F&M that are not intended for resale, are required to use an approved Learfield vendor if the College trademark, mark, logo or symbol are incorporated into the proposed design. Approved licensed vendors have access to a library of high-resolution College design files and have been assessed as offering competitive pricing. 


The Licensing Policy

Licensing Policy

Franklin & Marshall's licensing policy outlines the process, guidelines, fees and exceptions associated with using F&M's trademarks in the production of manufactured products and goods.

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Approved Licensed Vendors

F&M's licensing company, Learfield Licensing Partners, LLC (Learfield), maintains the list of vendors approved to manufacture products or goods carrying the College's logo or marks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs provide definitions of terms, a step-by-step explanation of the licensing process, and further details about who is governed by the licensing policy.

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