College Search: Finding the Right Path

Whether your college search is well under way or you're just getting started, you're getting ready to dive into the big questions. Where will I apply? Do I want to live in a small town, or a big city? Even bigger — What do I want to study? What kind of college is the best fit for me and my learning style?

Don't worry though: you're not alone in all of this. At F&M, we recognize how complex the college search can be. That's why we're offering up the expertise of our admission team to help you navigate the many branching paths of your search. Below, you can explore a variety of topics to help you make the best possible choice when deciding where you'll spend your college career.


Story 12/11/2020

10 Things You Need to Know About Applying to College

It's application season, and to help you out, we have summarized everything you need to know as you prepare to hit "send" to your top-choice institutions.

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Webinar Wednesday — Selective College Admission Case Studies
Story 12/2/2020

What Does a Good College Application Look Like?

On Wednesday, Nov. 11, three admission officers drew back the curtain on application review processes during F&M’s fifth and final Webinar Wednesday.

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Story 11/23/2020

What About Where? Location Matters When Selecting a College

Thinking about location alongside everything else on your plate might seem daunting, but we have a great tip on how to tackle this new facet of your search.

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