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Story 12/11/2020

10 Things You Need to Know About Applying to College

It's application season, and to help you out, we have summarized everything you need to know as you...

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Webinar Wednesday — Selective College Admission Case Studies
Story 12/2/2020

What Does a Good College Application Look Like?

On Wednesday, Nov. 11, three admission officers drew back the curtain on application review...

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Story 11/23/2020

What About Where? Location Matters When Selecting a College

Thinking about location alongside everything else on your plate might seem daunting, but we have a...

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Webinar Wednesday — Financial Aid
Story 11/10/2020

Nervous About Financial Aid? You Don’t Have to Be

Trying to navigate the financial aid landscape on top of completing a college application can be...

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Webinar Wednesday — Beyond Academics: The College Essay, Interviews, Portfolios and More!
Story 10/29/2020

We Want to Get to Know YOU — Not Just Your Grades

You’re so much more than your GPA and test scores. 

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Webinar Wednesday — Round Table with Deans and Directors of Admission
Story 10/29/2020

Colleges Are Offering More Virtual Opportunities — Take Them

The college experience looks far different than ever before, and college admissions is no...

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Webinar Wednesday — Access: First-Generation & Underrepresented Students
Story 10/19/2020

‘This is about finding a place for you.’

Admission Experts from Three Colleges Share Advice on Applying to College 

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Story 10/16/2020

The Value of the Liberal Arts: Defining Successful Outcomes

There’s a word you’ll inevitably hear in the course of your college search. At least, there’s a...

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Story 10/5/2020

Webinar Wednesday: A Round Table with Deans and Directors of...

Join us, Wedensday, October 7, 2020

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