Story 7/1/2017

July Tip: Writing the Perfect College Essay

Why is it that merely mentioning “college essay” strikes fear in the hearts of high school...

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Story 6/1/2017

June Tip: The College Application Process: A Family Affair

Family members can be a helpful resource in the college application process, but they can also be...

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Story 5/1/2017

May Tip: The Value of a College Visit

A campus visit is a great way to learn if a college is a good match for you. This month, we'll...

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Story 4/1/2017

April Tip: Getting the Most Out of a College Fair

College fairs can be exciting, and even a bit intimidating. Here are a few tips to help you...

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Story 3/1/2017

March Tip: Know Your College Search Vocabulary

The admission process has a language of its own. Take some time to get to know the college search...

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Story 2/1/2017

February Tip: For H.S. Juniors, the College Search Starts...

Ready to start your college search? Here are 12 tips to get your search off on the right foot.

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