December Tip: Do the Little Things Right

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It’s now December, and application deadlines are approaching fast. If you haven’t started your applications yet, now is the time. If you’ve started or completed them, good for you; you are well on your way.  At F&M, we want to remind you that clicking “submit” on the CommonApp doesn’t mean the application process is over. This month, we want to provide you with some tips to help you complete the application process and finish strong.

  • Watch your deadlines! Avoid late application submissions at all costs. A late application says a lot about your organizational skills and diligence. Make sure all application materials are submitted ahead of each deadline.  Also, be sure to leave enough time before the deadline to remedy a wayward application item. 
  • Verify that your application is 100% complete.  Many applicants THINK they have submitted all of the application materials on time, only to learn later that an item was missing. Don’t make this mistake! Check your status online to confirm everything has arrived. When in doubt, you can also give the admission office a call. It is wise to double-check. Check your F&M application status here.
  • Visit your top schools and request an interview (if you haven’t already). Are you are eager to attend a particular college or university, but they haven’t heard of you? It is important to stay visible. Visit the school to show your interest and schedule an interview, if possible.  If you are unable to visit or interview, contact the admission office.  Send an email to introduce yourself, or inquire about Skype/ Regional/Alumni interviews. At F&M, we want to get to know you, so reach out!
  • Don’t stop building your college knowledge. Keep asking questions so you are prepared for decision time. Be prepared for the next step when decision letters are mailed so you can make the best college choice. 
  • Keep up your grades! You don’t want to be the applicant with poor mid-year grade reports. Colleges tend to focus on how you are performing during senior year. Finish strong academically, and don’t fall victim to senioritis. Even if accepted, many colleges require you to submit a final grade report. Don’t let poor performance jeopardize a hard-earned college acceptance.
  • Update your application with any new information. Many colleges (such as F&M) appreciate it when you share new accomplishments with the Admission Committee.  If you’ve won an award, received a scholarship, or engaged in a meaningful learning experience, let the Admission Office know by providing an update.
  • Early Decision II: Is this a good option for you? At F&M, we have a 2nd round of Early Decision with a deadline of January 15. If F&M is your top college choice, this may be a good option for you. Early Decision often has a higher acceptance rate, and you can receive your decision by early February.  For more information, please contact your Regional Dean.

Next month, we’ll walk you through the financial aid process to make sure you meet all of the upcoming financial aid deadlines. Have a Happy New Year!


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