Wait List Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Wait List?

Each year we invite a number of qualified candidates to join a Wait List with the hope that some of these students will be invited to complete our first-year class. Franklin & Marshall College receives thousands of applications from academically accomplished students from all over the world. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer admission to some candidates who could be academically successful at Franklin & Marshall. As you may know, our admitted regular decision candidates may be accepted at multiple colleges but can only enroll at one institution. If we underestimate the number of students who accept our initial round of offers, we will gladly admit more students from the wait list.


What are my chances of being offered admission from the Wait List?

Franklin & Marshall has traditionally had an active Wait List, with approximately 25 to 40 students being offered admission per year.


Is your Wait List ranked?

There is no ranked arrangement to the Wait List. 


What can I do to increase the probability of being accepted from the Wait List? 

If you wish to be considered for admission from the Wait List, please fill out the wait list response form located in your F&M portal. Continuing to maintain and achieve outstanding grades, as well as having occasional email contact with your Regional Dean, will supplement your interest in the College.


Should I make a deposit at one of the institutions where I was accepted?

We advise students to deposit at another institution if you have not heard from us by the May 1st deadline. Ideally, the Admission Office begins to accept students from the Wait List in the last week of April. The Wait List remains open and active until the class has been filled, often extending through the last week in May.


Should you have further questions or concerns regarding the Wait List, you may contact your Regional Dean by email.