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A Day In The Life... of F&M International Students

There is a strong global presence at Franklin & Marshall College. Seventeen percent of our students come from countries outside of the United States. We value the perspectives of students from different cultures and the richness and texture they add to our campus community.


Applying to Franklin & Marshall College

Though much of your application will be the same as the domestic application, there are some key differences to be mindful of.


The Application

Applications of international students are evaluated based on academic record, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities and recommendations from teachers and counselors. The fact that students are coming from different backgrounds and bringing fresh cultural perspectives to the table is also a consideration in the decision process. We look to admit scholars from all parts of the world.

Early Decision

You should apply Early Decision if Franklin & Marshall College is your first choice and you will attend if admitted. We place an exceptional value on students who apply early.

There are two early decision deadlines: November 15 and January 15. Applications for both Early Decision Round 1 and Round 2 are treated and evaluated with the same consideration.

English Language Testing

The TOEFL, Duolingo or IELTS is required for students whose native language is not English. If you’ve been studying in an English speaking environment for at least 3 years, the requirement for the TOEFL may be waived upon request. If you are eligible to have your TOEFL requirement waived, please email the Office of Admission after you apply.

Interviewing with Franklin & Marshall College 

Interviews are a great way for us to get to know each other better. Franklin & Marshall College interviews are fun, informal conversations. They are not required, but they are a good way to strengthen your application.

We offer Skype interviews to every student who requests one starting in October. We allow virtual interviews as well as regional in-person interview opportunities.


Virtual Informational Interview with Current International Students

We also offer international students the opportunity to conduct a 20-minute Skype interview with one of our current international students. Skype interviews are reserved for international students who are in their final year of high school or are in a gap year and are planning to attend college in fall 2022. 

If a student is unable to Skype, arrangements can be made for a virtual interview through WeChat or another communication tool. We also accepted recorded interviews through InitialView, Vericant or a similar interviewing service.


Applicants from China

We recommend that our applicants from China take advantage of the opportunity to interview with us. We receive many strong applications from China and an interview allows us an opportunity to get to know you better.


Financial Aid

We are committed to a diverse student body and provide need-based financial assistance to international students. Aid documents must be filed by application deadlines, and no application will be considered until we receive financial aid documents.


Do You Need Financial Aid?


Yes, I need financial aid

The amount of aid is generous, but also limited. If a student requires a high level of aid, the admission process becomes more competitive. However, if a student is accepted at Franklin & Marshall College, we will meet 100 percent of that student's institutionally determined need.

In order to apply for need-based financial aid, families of international students must submit the Franklin & Marshall International Financial Aid Form, or the CSS PROFILE.

Your application for admission will not be considered complete until the International Financial Aid Form has been received. Need-based financial aid for international students is based on the information provided on the International Financial Aid Form, or the CSS PROFILE. 

Franklin & Marshall College will continue to meet 100% of the demonstrated need for a student for all four years based on the family contribution and information provided prior to admission. Changes to the family contribution after acceptance by the Office of Admission will not be considered. 

If a student is admitted without financial aid as a first-year student, they will not be eligible for financial assistance in subsequent years.


No, I do not need financial aid

If you are not requesting aid, please submit a Certification of Finances form.


Credit and Advanced Standing

International Baccalaureate (IB)

IB Diploma recipients with a total score of 30 or more are awarded 8 course credits (one full year) toward a degree at Franklin & Marshall College. IB Certificate recipients receive one or two course credits (depending on discipline) for each higher level examination passed with a score of 5 or higher.


Advanced Placement TESTS (AP)

Credit will be given to students who have received  a 4 or a 5 on Advanced Placement examinations.


Other examination programs

French Baccalaureate and German Abitur recipients may be granted credit for up to one full year toward a degree at Franklin & Marshall College. In addition, the College generally awards credits to students who have passed the British "A-Level" examinations with a grade of C or higher. Other course credits from foreign countries are evaluated on an individual basis.


Additional Information

International Student Services

You will have a wide range of support at Franklin & Marshall College with our international student services office and the Joseph International Center.

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Have More Questions?

If you have more questions, please reach out to intladmissions@fandm.edu. We will be glad to hear from you, and look forward to assisting you. 

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