Applying Test Optional  

  • Ted Yoder ’12 works out some computations in the Hackman Physical Sciences Building, where he laid the groundwork for his current pursuit of a Ph.D. in physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Applicants to Franklin & Marhsall have the option to either submit SAT/ACT scores as part of their application, or to have their candidacy reviewed without standardized test scores.  

For applicants attending high school in the United States

In order to use the Standardized Testing Option, students must indicate their testing preference on the Common Application or Coalition Application. The application will ask whether scores should be considered or not. If you have already submitted your standardized test scores but would like to have them deleted from your transcript and application, you can tell us through your F&M Application Portal or contact us directly to request this change. 

Note to our home-schooled applicants

For home-schooled applicants, F&M is test-flexible, and therefore requires students to submit either their SAT or ACT scores. You may supply these test scores to us in a number of ways, including:

  • reporting them on your application
  • submitting test scores through the testing agencies
  • supplying us with copies of score reports via email
Note to our international applicants

For students whom English is a first language or who have been studying in an English speaking environment for at least 3 years, F&M does not require the TOEFL or IELTS, and is SAT/ACT optional. For students with fewer than three years of English instruction, F&M is test-flexible, and therefore requires language proficiency examination with the TOEFL or IELTS - these students may apply SAT/ACT optional, or may choose to submit their SAT/ACT. Please see the International Student Application page for more information

If You Choose to Submit SAT or ACT Scores....

You may choose to submit SAT or ACT test scores as part of the application process. If you do, F&M will "superscore" the results.  For the SAT, we combine the best evidence-based reading and writing score and the best math score received, even if they come from different test dates.  For the ACT, we take the highest Math, Science, Reading and English score from any tests a student takes, even if on multiple dates, and average them for a new ACT composite score. Submission of the essay portion of the SAT/ACT is optional

If you choose to submit your SAT/ACT scores, you can do so in several ways. First, you may have your official results sent directly from The College Board (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT).  F&M's code number for each organization is listed below. Test scores will also be considered if they are listed on the official high school transcript; sent directly by an applicant's guidance or college counselor to the Office of Admission; or self-reported by the student on their Common/Coalition Application. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students who choose to self-report scores on the Common/Coalition Application and who later enroll at F&M are required to submit verified test scores at the time of their enrollment. 

  • F&M SAT code number: 2261

  • F&M ACT code number: 3574

F&M and the Redesigned SAT

The College Board launged the redesigned SAT with the March 2016 test date. We refer to SAT scores prior to March 2016 as the "old" SAT. For applicants who graduated high school in 2018 or earlier, F&M will accept the either the old or the redesigned SAT. Applicants graduating high school 2019 or later may only submit the redesigned SAT. Transfer applicants may only submit the old SAT if their high school graduation date is prior to 2018.