Course Credit and Housing

Transfer Student Status

F&M defines a transfer applicant as someone who previously enrolled as a post-secondary degree candidate elsewhere (with or without college credit) OR someone who has earned more than 12 college credits and will begin at F&M in the spring or the following fall after HS graduation 

Please note that recent high school graduates who have earned significant college credit are NOT considered transfer applicants if they enter F&M in the fall directly after HS graduation. This is true regardless of the number of college credits earned while in high school. 

Assessing Transfer Credit

Course work completed at other colleges may satisfy requirements in most areas of the Franklin & Marshall curriculum (major requirements, distribution requirements, exploration, and electives), depending upon the nature of that coursework. Credit evaluation is based on both the number of credit hours earned and the grades earned. A course will be evaluated only if the earned grade is C- or better. In general, no transfer credit is granted for the following type of courses: technical, physical education, secretarial, engineering, drafting, military science, or any courses from non-regionally accredited institutions. Additionally, most education courses, communications courses, and vocal or instrumental lesson credits are not awarded Franklin & Marshall course credit.


Transfer Credit Analysis

Admitted transfer applicants receive a comprehensive assessment of transferring credit to inform the decision-making process before the enrollment deadline, provided that the Admission Office receives the required documents.  

Required documents include official college transcript(s) and a list of course descriptions for all previous and in-progress college coursework. Course descriptions may be compiled by the applicant from the appropriate course catalog or course description book and emailed to the Office of Admission at  Additional course information, such as a course syllabus, may be requested as needed by the Office of Admission. 

Evaluation of completed college course work is provided by the Office of the Registrar. Official transfer credit is not finalized until F&M receives the final transcript for all completed college coursework. The final transcript must be mailed from the previous institution directly to the Franklin & Marshall Office of Admission. 

To qualify for a Franklin & Marshall degree, transfer students must successfully complete at least 16 course credits at the campus, as well as meet all other graduation requirements.






F&M is a residential college, and we strongly believe a rich residential experience is vital to the life of the College. With F&M’s four-year residency policy, all students, including transfer students, live in approved residences within the College's portfolio of housing.  F&M provides housing to transfer students appropriate to their age and incoming status. Transfer applicants are integrated into the College House communities.