Applying for Financial Aid as a Transfer Student

For admitted transfer applicants, Franklin & Marshall College will meet 100% of institutionally-determined financial aid need throughout the duration of full-time study.

For additional information, please visit the Office of Financial Aid web site. You can also contact the Office of Financial Aid at (717) 358-3991 or by email at

A Note to International Transfers: F&M offers Need-Based Aid for international transfer applicants. If you are an international transfer applicant, you and your family must submit either the CSS/PROFILE or the Application for Financial Assistance.



Financial Aid Deadlines for Transfer Applicants

Fall April 15*
Spring November 15*

*All financial aid applications must be submitted by the proper deadline listed above. Late, missing, or incomplete financial aid documentation may delay the release of your decision and could negatively affect your admission outcome. Use your F&M Application Portal to confirm your financial aid application is fully complete.

Financial Aid Checklist for Transfer Applicants

☑   I. Apply to F&M by submitting the Common Application  portion of your transfer application.

If you are applying for aid, be sure to indicate "Yes" on the question, "Do you intend to pursue need-based financial aid?"

☑  II. Access your F&M Application Portal to determine what documents are required to complete the financial aid application process.

Upon successful submission of your Common Application, the F&M Application Portal will provide you access  to your application and financial aid checklists where you can view documents that are both in need of completion and have been received.

☑  III. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

F&M's FAFSA school code is 003265

☑  IV. Complete the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE

F&M's PROFILE code is 2261.

After submitting a completed PROFILE, the College Board will email you with instructions on how to submit the required tax documents electronically through the IDOC system.

☑   V. Complete and/or provide any additional information as required by the Office of Financial Aid

Log in to your F&M Application Portal and verify that all financial aid requirements have been received by the Office of Financial Aid. You can also feel free to call the Office of Financial Aid at (717) 358-3991 and speak with a financial aid professional.