Transfer Student Profiles

Transfer Admissions Ambassador: Braden Renke

  • Braden Renke Profile

Braden Renke ‘22 Ware College House, Psychology major

Activities: NCAA DIII Field Hockey, Equestrian Club, and Active Minds Club

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"Deciding to transfer is a hard decision for anyone to make. I came to my decision during my first semester of college at my previous school. I was nervous that I was making the wrong decision and that it might be hard for me to meet other people and “start over” again. With that said, finding Franklin & Marshall gave me hope that everything would be okay. The Franklin & Marshall staff was helpful and enthusiastic about helping me through the transfer process. When I visited, I fell in love with the campus, the community, and the city of Lancaster.

Franklin & Marshall has become my second home and has provided me with so many opportunities. F&M offers a rigorous academic atmosphere that challenges me to think outside of the box and be open to new ideas. Each professor at F&M truly wants to get to know their students and makes time to speak with them about anything from class work to your life. F&M also provided me with a new family within the Field Hockey team and has so many other ways to meet great and welcoming people through its number of clubs and Greek life organizations. I have found that there is always something to do at F&M. Also, F&M’s post graduate connections are unmatched. and alumni truly want to help the students and the community in any way they can.

Transferring was definitely a scary task, but when you find the right place like how I found Franklin & Marshall, it makes everything worth it in the end. Please, visit campus, talk to students and professors in your desired field, and do not be afraid to ask questions! Please also feel free to email me with any questions that you may have at Good luck with your transfer process and I truly hope that you too will find your second home."

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  • Student Nicole Tondu Orellana

Nicole Tondu Orellana '21, Physics Major, Philosophy Minor

"Hi! My name is Nicole and I am from La Paz, Bolivia. I am an international transfer student here at F&M and I have been loving it so far!  F&M is really friendly and a welcoming place for transfers.

I live in Weis House and am active in our new Franklin Fellows program that mentors first year students.  I am a physics major and a philosophy minor, looking to pursue a career in technology. Therefore, I spend most of my time in the physics lounge or in LSP and I always have a drink and a snack with me to study. In my free time, I like to look for recipes and cook with friends or go explore coffee shops in downtown Lancaster. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!"



  • Leah Williamson Profile

Leah Williamson '20, Weis College House, Business, Organizations & Society (BOS) Major

Activities: Diplomats Christian Fellowship, John Marshall, Pre-Law Honor Society, Women's Swim Team

"There's no place like home! As a Lancaster County Native, I wanted to come back home and be closer to friends and family. Originally, I was going to transfer to my local state school, but I wanted an institution where I was a student, not a number. I wanted to be able to have conversations and relationships with my professors, and feel a sense of community among the students. In addition, I wanted the opportunity to be a student-athlete, where I could be encouraged to be a better student and swimmer. F&M gave me everything and more! Transferring to F&M has been one of the best decisions for me."


  • Tyler McGee Profile

Tyler McGee '20, Ware College House, Psychology and Business, Organizations & Society joint major  

Activities: Office of Communications Intern, Photography and Marketing Club, Undergraduate Psychology Research

"Transferring to F&M was an incredibly important decision, and I am forever grateful I decided to transfer. I wanted a school where I could genuinely connect with professors and students, have small class sizes and a smaller campus environment. I was unsure of my choice until I arrived on campus, but once classes started, I knew I was at the right place. I had never considered majoring in Psychology, but the amazing faculty and thought provoking classes led me to pursue the Psychology joint major. At F&M, I’ve learned and grown more than I thought was possible. If you’re looking for a supportive, thought provoking school that facilitates learning and personal growth, F&M is the place to be."