Transfer Student Profiles

Transfer Admissions Ambassador: Christiana Jueng 

Christiana Jueng ‘17 Bonchek College House, Government Major

Activities: Diplomatic Congress: Senior Class President, Club Council, Bonchek Congress, F&M Students Against Sexual Assault..

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Making the decision to transfer after my freshman year was a very difficult change to undertake.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to transition well and was uncertain if transferring would lead to the different college experience I was seeking. 

I applied to transfer to F&M because I wanted a more challenging environment where I would be pushed to become further engaged in my subjects.  I no longer wanted to be in an environment where learning was not the first priority for most and people did not share the same passion for their subjects as I did.  I also wanted a place where I could meet people who shared different perspectives and I could engage with my peers and become involved on-campus.   

I am very happy to say that I have discovered all of this at F&M.  My peers and professors have pushed me to become a more excited and engaged student.  I find myself wanting to pursue my academics by doing more than just going to class regularly.  My fellow students are also a great source of encouragement for me.  It is wonderful to be surrounded by students who all share different passions and experiences but are all motivated to be successful in everything they do. Additionally, I am far more involved in activities outside of the classroom than I have ever been and this has made it such a rewarding experience.  

Transferring was not an easy choice to make but transferring to F&M was definitely the right decision for me.  I am grateful to have chosen F&M and hope that you can share the same experience that I have.  I encourage you to visit campus, talk to students and ask questions if you have them when continuing with the transfer process.  Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.  I wish you the best of luck in your journey and hope that you too find the right fit.  

                                                 Transfer Student Profiles

Sitong He ' 18 (r), Boncheck College House, Government and International Studies Joint Major 

Activities: Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity, Bonchek Congress

I am from Beijing, China and a current joint major of Government and International Studies. Being an international student at F&M not only enables me to challenge myself academically every day but also opens up tons of opportunities for me to get involved. I have always wanted to try out water polo and rowing, and F&M allowed me to do so. Transferring from an art school, F&M encouraged me to achieve much more than I thought I could. I am empowered by the supporting faculties and inspired by my peers at F&M all the time. 

Molly Albright ’19, Brooks College House, Psychology and Dance Joint Major 

Activities: F&M Dance Company 

I decided to come to F&M because of the rigorous academics and the welcoming atmosphere. At my previous school, not all of my peers felt the same compelling drive for knowledge like I did, but once I came to F&M, I could sense that the urge to learn was present in every student. Also, I was given a chance to pursue a career path tailored to my interest in the relationship between psychology and dance. I had no trouble adjusting to life here because I constantly feel supported by my peers, staff members, and my professors.

Jamie Davidow ‘18, Brooks College House, Government Major

Activities: Women’s Rowing Team, Phi Sigma Pi

 I chose to transfer to F&M because it I was looking for a small liberal arts school with a great government program.  I also knew I wanted to join the rowing team and F&M gave me the opportunity to do so. My close friendships with other students as well with my professors really helped me to feel at home here right away.  The rowing team became my family which was amazing and I still love today.  Last summer, I also had the opportunity to study abroad which I would highly recommend to everyone!


Brett Schmieder '19, Weis College House, Psychology and Government Joint Major  

Activities: Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity 

Since becoming a student last semester I have joined charity organizations, Greek life, and miscellaneous clubs that have helped me call this college my home.  In the classroom, the professors are always ready to talk and because of their availability, I have decided to joint major in psychology and government with my favorite professors as my advisors.  Lancaster offers a great city atmosphere while also offering beautiful hikes and outdoor activities in the surrounding area. 


Iñigo Flores ‘17, Ware College House, Economics Major

Activities: Varsity Tennis Team, International Club

Being an International Student, I have found F&M to be a very welcoming place.  I like spending time in the international building and being a part of the international club.  I love F&M because it's providing me with plenty of opportunities for personal growth as well as the means to achieve all of the things I set myself to accomplish.  





Michael Aberman '19 (r), Brooks College House, Public Health Major with a Government track

Activities: Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Hillel

Since coming to Franklin & Marshall, I have not looked back once. Even though my time here has been short, I have acclimated myself through Greek Life, Hillel, and making wonderful friends. What helped my assimilation into the college was going through the Transfer Orientation at the beginning of the academic year. This enabled me to have a smooth transition to life at F&M



Holly Hurst '19, Boncheck College House, Neuroscience Major

Activities: Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, Undergraduate Research on Genetic Illness

I transferred to F&M because I wanted to be at a school with smaller class sizes where my professors would be easily accessible. The student body is smart, kind and hardworking. F&M is a beautiful environment for learning, living and growing!