Congratulations on being admitted to F&M. Below, some of our current students share moments when they knew without a doubt that they had made the right decision to choose Franklin & Marshall College.


Story 3/25/2020

He Came to College and Found His Cause

Before college, I was a young, naive male, not knowing where my life was headed. I was still...

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Story 3/9/2020

Finding Connections in Leadership

Campaigning on campus and engaging with other first-years made me realize my potential to...

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Story 3/7/2020

A Seat in the Orchestra and a Spot on the Rugby Team

Coming to F&M, I knew I'd have to audition for a music ensemble to continue my cello career....

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Story 2/28/2020

Ice Cream, Cotton Candy and Kettle Corn

During first-year orientation, the College hosted different events on Hartman Green each night. One...

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