Congratulations on being admitted to F&M. Below, some of our current students share moments when they knew without a doubt that they had made the right decision to choose Franklin & Marshall College.


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Story 4/9/2021

A Summer Adventure in London

I explored everywhere I possibly could. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

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Story 4/7/2021

Empowering Women from All Backgrounds

I have met amazing women within the organization I would never have found. 

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Story 4/6/2021

Some of the Best Memories I Have in College

We made campfires, slept in cabins, sang songs, improvised meals, and provided each other with...

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Story 4/5/2021

Cheerleaders, Confidantes, Best Friends

They always know how to make me feel better and truly made F&M my home away from home. 

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Story 4/4/2021

He Found Friends Who Became Brothers

It is extremely difficult for me to pinpoint one moment that opened my eyes because there are just...

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Story 4/2/2021

A Service Opportunity Creates Lasting Memories

I will always be thankful to PIT for showing me Lancaster and for my first college friends. 

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Story 4/1/2021

Reborn in Fire

The night symbolized leaving bad memories behind and embracing the new opportunities that we could...

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Story 3/31/2021

I Found a Sister and a Friend

My Big Sister  has helped me through a lot and is always there to talk or make me food at her...

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Story 3/9/2021

Finding Connections in Leadership

Campaigning on campus and engaging with other first-years made me realize my potential to...

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