Priyanka Patil, India

High School activities: Project Organizer of Bridging the Gap (working with 100 underserved kids to teach public speaking, dance, drama and literacy) Drama Club, Bollywood Club, Speaker at Teach for All Global Conference, Presenter at State Education Conference, Head of Student Council

Academic interests: Education, Philosophy, Film and Media Studies

Why did you choose F&M? Franklin & Marshall is a supportive and loving community. A few emails from alumni have already given me a glimpse into this. This is precisely the kind of a community that I want to be a part of—one that respects and looks out for everyone on the field. Apart from that, it just gives me positive vibes. Not a very practical reason, but that is what encouraged me to apply. I look forward to being a part of a family that supports, cares, loves and gives me joy.



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