• Central Bath, England

Bath is the largest city in the county of Somerset, England (population 90,000), known for and named after its Roman-built hot-spring baths. It is located in the valley of the River Avon, 100 miles west of London and 15 miles southeast of Bristol.

Bath is a modernly equipped city rooted in intriguing history. A destination for relaxation-seekers since Roman times, its stunning Georgian architecture feels like it was taken straight from a Jane Austen novel, and indeed provides many of the locations for the Netflix series, Bridgerton. It is within easy reach of serene British countryside and famous heritage sites, including Stonehenge.

And despite being a continent away, it is remarkably similar to your F&M home in the city of Lancaster — safe, walkable, and rich in art, food and culture.

During your time with iF&M you will also  have several opportunities to venture beyond Bath. The program sponsors organized trips to London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, and The Cotswolds, among other incredible destinations.