• ASE, View of Bath Abbey

Advanced Studies in England has been welcoming American undergraduates for more than three decades and is renowned for its challenging, rewarding academic courses and close-knit community. iF&M offers a distinctive opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture as you engage the life of the mind in classic Franklin & Marshall fashion:

  • small, engaged classes
  • a tenured F&M faculty member onsite to mentor and instruct you
  • enthusiastic, expert faculty from prestigious English universities
  • a commitment to learning while doing (in the fascinating city of Bath and beyond)

During your time in Bath, you will be taught by an F&M faculty member and mentor, as well as the best and most engaged British faculty from nearby universities. 

And when you are not in class, you can read, study, and unwind in your stunning, spacious apartments and houses in the historic heart of the city.

All of iF&M’s residences are in welcoming neighborhoods within walking distance of local shops and the Study Centre, where you will take all of your classes. Each residence offers WiFi, TV and radio, laundry facilities, phone access, communal areas, and bathrooms and kitchens.

Four Reasons to Choose iF&M

  1. It's a great primer for your integration into F&M’s truly international community. Twenty percent of our students are international, and more than half of our students participate in off-campus study at some point in their four years. Why not kick off your college years with that life-changing experience?
  2. F&M actively prepares its students to be global citizens through in-depth study of other languages and cultures, making iF&M the perfect jumping-off point for that introduction to internationalization.
  3. As part of the program, you will join a talented, highly selective group of students who bring a variety of experiences, perspectives and opinions, allowing you to learn from each other's differences in a close-knit community in an idyllic setting.
  4. Even if you have never been outside of the U.S., Bath is the ideal first international experience due to its small size, welcoming community, and proximity to so many other cultural hubs.
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