The Abridged Guide to the Unabridged F&M Experience 

MORE opportunities, more challenges, more ways to push beyond the expected and the obvious.

More ways to reimagine what a major looks like, more people from more places, and more access to forward-thinking scholars and insightful mentors.

Plus, a world of study-abroad programs, a distinctive College House residential life experience, an array of innovative research opportunities, and an almost limitless range of clubs and activities. More people who understand the power of collaboration, who want to build communities, and who expect more from themselves.

This is the start of Franklin & Marshall College.

We make our own education. We make our own way. We decide what dreams we want to follow—and then we find ways to bring those dreams to life. We're the happiest bunch of workaholics you've ever seen. We believe there is always more to know, more to do, and more to discover.

This is the start of an unabridged, unlimited, constantly expanding life.

This is the start of MORE.

F&M: The Story of Us

A tradition of academic excellence. Exceptional student-faculty collaboration. A funloving, supportive community. High-performing athletic teams. More than 140 thriving student clubs and organizations. It's all here in the abridged guide to Franklin& Marshall College.

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Choose Your Starting Point


More challenges, more intellectual adventures, and more opportunities to work side by side with faculty, testing ideas, putting them to work. More ways to build a future.

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Global Citizenship

More ways to engage the world. More ways to understand it, work within it, help change it. More ways to be an effective, forward-looking member of the world community.

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College Houses

A defining feature of the F&M experience: the College House residential community. Every first-year student is a member of a house—and stays a member for life.

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Our Community

A community of people who know you, value you and want you to succeed. A shared sense of enterprise, optimism, and hard work—leading to lasting connections and endless possibilities.

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Athletics & Excellence

More hustle, more character, more integrity—and, very often, more winning. More spirit, more ways to dig deeper, push harder and test your limits as a teammate and as a leader.

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Success After F&M

More alumni in more parts of the world, doing work that matters—alumni helping new generations of F&M students by offering internships, advice and support.

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