About the AAAC 

The African American Alumni Council (AAAC) was founded in 1989.
Council membership is open to all Franklin & Marshall College students and graduates of color. The council likewise encourages supporters of F&M's community of color to join.

The AAAC embraces our collective responsibility to those who led the way among F&M’s community of color, and to those who will follow, both on campus and in the world at large.

Our council engages current students and alumni in a network that connects them to the College and each other through effective rewarding communication, programs and events.

The group also celebrates and promotes the rich history of F&M alumni of color by building upon meaningful traditions and dynamic accomplishments. In addition, the AAAC represents the interests and issues of alumni of color in the conversations that affect the current and future directions and conditions involving the F&M Community.

In 2016, we celebrated 70 years of African Americans at Franklin & Marshall College. Read more here

The Pioneers Club

In the fall of 1946, Dr. Sumner Bohee ’50, Franklin & Marshall’s first African American student, began his undergraduate studies at the College. Today, that pioneering spirit lives in students and alumni. The Council has created a giving society, The Pioneers Club, to honor the connection between student and alumni of color and the College. Follow the link to read more about the Pioneers Club

African American Alumni Council Executive Committee

Anthony Ross '91 – Chair

Dr. Cherise Hamblin Murphy '03 – Vice Chair

Shadoe Tarver '10 – Member

Michelle Russell Flatt '99 - Member

Executive Members at Large:
Randolph Carnegie '74
Sharon Johnson '82
Patricia Claybrook '84

Ex Officio Members:

Alumni Association Board:
Donnell Bailey '17
Aaron Bass '01
Preston Kilgore '14
Ericka Powell '94
Michelle Russell Flatt '00

Board of Trustees:
Modia Butler '95
Shawn Jenkins '10
Ricardo Rivers '93
H. Art Taylor '80

AAAC Virtual Graduation Reception Program

Video Spotlights 

AAAC - Blacks in Technology: Perspectives of F&M Black Alumni
AAAC - The Black Community & Faith: Past, Present and the Future
AAAC - Election 2020: The Impact and Influence of F&M Black Alumni
AAAC - Session 2: Mental Health in the Age of Coronavirus and Protests

Bridgett Medal 

This honor is presented to Franklin & Marshall alumni of African descent for outstanding achievement in a chosen profession or endeavor. Mr. Bridgett was a dedicated F&M alumnus who, after becoming the second African American graduate of the College, served as a civilian employee of the U.S. Air Force and went on to a distinguished career as an educator in the Lancaster area.

In addition, he was a founding member of the African American Alumni Council and a longtime supporter of the Black Student Union.

Alumni selected for the Bridgett Medal come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, exerting influence and providing support in a wide range of areas including research studies and publications, leadership development, education, academic achievement, community service and the arts.

Bridgett Medal recipients provide positive examples to which current students can aspire, and they remind fellow alumni of our shared responsibility to ensure the continued vitality of F&M’s community of color.

The AAAC Executive Committee heartily commends the recipients of the Bridgett Medal, and it extends its most sincere thanks for their extraordinary work as well as the equally extraordinary manner in which they represent alumni of Franklin & Marshall College.

Past Recipients


Randolph Carnegie ’74,  Tech Consulting Managing Director


Clinton McClain ’83, Program Human Resources - Information & Systems Manager 


Richard W. Rogers Jr. ’90, Company President


Dr. Chad Lennon ’03, Psychiatrist


Jessica Dunbar ’13, "Socialpreneur" and Virtual Assistant


Preston Kilgore ’14,  Legislative Assistant


Tony Ross ’91, AAAC Chair, Former Company Executive & CEO


Shawn M. Lacy, J.D. '74, Trainer and Entrepreneur 


Gwendolyn Poles-Corker, D.O. '75, Retired Medical Director


Lonnie E. Fuller Jr., M.D. '84, Physician 


Kesha S. Moore, Ph.D. '93, Senior researcher and development specialist & associate professor of sociology


Kyle A. Ross '94, Business Executive 


Duran L. Searles '04, Entrepreneur 


Kristy Embrack Searles '05, Entrepreneur 


Tigist A. Hailu '11, Clinical Research Program Manager 


Benjamin P. Bowser, Ph.D. '69 - Author and Retired Educator


William H. Vanderberg '76 - Retired Educator 


Yancy D. Edwards, Ph.D. '82 - Educator


Keenan L. Smith '94 - Morning News Anchor


Christina Watlington, Ph.D. '96 - Clinical Psychologist


Intisar "Star" Hamilton '06 - Artist


Dorinda L. Foster, J.D. '09 -  Control Room Compliance Officer


Shadoe Genesis Tarver '10 - Nonprofit Executive 


Calvin Baker '65 - Business Executive 


Peter Rogers '69 - Retired Judge


Larry Coles '77 - Business Executive 


Kimberly Fletcher '87 - Nonprofit Executive


Michelle Russell '99 - Educator 


Stephen Tyson, Jr. '07 - Nonprofit Executive


Charles Williams '66 - Partner in Law Firm


LeRoy Pernell '71 - Educator


Sharon Myrtice Johnson '82 - Retired, Manager of Sales


Hilary Green '99 - Educator


Marilise Hyacinth '03 - Psychiatrist


Donna Glover '76 - Nonprofit Executive 


Sylvester Cox '80 - Judge


Ricardo Rivers '93 - Business Executive


Nick Peterson '02 - Pastor 


Dr. Henry Wiggins '55 - Physician


Anthony Williams '79 – PA State Senator


Patricia Claybrook '84 – CEO, Jindan Cleaning


Jinnie Cristerna '94 – Author and Columnist, JET Magazine


Randy Wilkins '01 - Filmmaker


Dr. Wanda Austin '75 – CEO, Aerospace


Horace Madison '88 - Entrepreneur


Dr. Donnell Butler '95 - Educator


Joaquim Hamilton '06 - Educator


Rev. Louis Butcher '65 – Clergy


Louis Stewart '73 – Educator (posthumous)


Donald Marsh '79 – College Basketball Coach


Helen Cannady Saulny '83 – Educator


Mo Butler '95 – Chief of Staff, U.S. Senator Corey Booker


Dr. Cherise Hamblin Murphy '03 – Physician


Antony Mahn '65 - Retired TV Producer


Paula Dow '76 – Judge


Philip Salmon '88 – Business Executive


Dr. Erica Powell '94 – Physician


Aaron Bass '01 - Educator

Graduation Breakfast 

  • AAAC Grad Breakfast
  • AAAC Grad Breakfast
  • AAAC Grad Breakfast
  • AAAC Grad Breakfast
  • AAAC Grad Breakfast
  • AAAC Grad Breakfast

Since 1994, the African American Alumni Council has honored graduating seniors with a gift and a ceremony to welcome them officially to the alumni ranks. Graduating seniors join a very special group of more than 600 African and African American alumni. African American Alumni Council members, representatives of the Franklin & Marshall Alumni Association Board and other members of the College community join with family members to celebrate our newest alumni!


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African American Alumni Celebrate 25 Years of Affinity

"The hope was that students would benefit from the experiences of and guidance from a community that began with F&M’s first African-American graduate, Sumner Bohee Jr., M.D., ’50 and has continued with prominent national and community leaders..."  

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