How do I...? Quick tips for Alumni Engagement

Connect with alumni?

Reach out for a contact list, F&M swag gifts for alumni speakers, or access to the Alumni Directory, where the excitement of connection awaits! Contact Donna Pflum at

Explore alumni resources?

Visit or share the Alumni webpage, where you’ll find valuable resources, including engaging opportunities and more!

Match students and alumni?

Connect with the dynamic Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development for career and internship adventures. Reach out to Beth Throne '95 at, and let the thrill of future opportunities unfold!

Alumni Resources

How do I connect with friends and classmates?

F&M alumni are part of a lifelong bond between the College and their fellow Diplomats. Attending True Blue Weekend, cheering at Diplomat Athletic Events, participating in Diplomat Digital virtual programming and by supporting current students — there are countless ways to be involved and stay connected to Dear Ol' F&M.

Looking to reach specific classmates and friends? Contact Donna Pflum at in College Advancement for even more resources and help reaching other Diplomats.

How do I make an impact?

One of the most important ways that F&M alumni can support their alma mater is through mentoring current students and fellow Diplomats. To be a Diplomat means to foster connections for a lifetime. These opportunities include lending your expertise to in-person and online programs, including Diplomat Digital; participating in the True Blue Network, where you can connect virtually with other members of the F&M community for internship, job and mentoring opportunities; attending events where you can meet members of our community in person, and so much more.

Alumni philanthropy is a critical source of support for F&M, ensuring our College can continue to serve students for generations to come. Gifts to the Franklin & Marshall Fund include unrestricted gifts for the College's highest needs as well as gifts that support financial aid; academic excellence; diversity, equity and inclusion; Diplomat Athletics; and the F&M student experience. Alumni can also choose specific areas of support, including the Diplomat Athletic Club, capital and endowed gifts, academic priorities and other critical needs. And gift planning allows alumni to include F&M in their legacy, adding to the storied history of our great institution.

What does Diplomats Forever represent?

F&M's amazing alumni consist of more than 29,000 individuals making a positive impact in business, nonprofit, government, the arts and their communities all around the world. 

Diplomats Forever celebrates the lifelong connection between F&M and its alumni, as well as the connections our alumni form with one another — as friends, mentors and cheerleaders committed to seeing each other succeed and thrive. Visit the Diplomats Forever website to read the stories of some of our amazing alumni, and take a moment to nominate a fellow Diplomat for recognition.

What resources and benefits are available to F&M alumni?

As a member of the Franklin & Marshall College Alumni Association (one of the oldest such associations in the nation), you have exclusive access to many benefits and resources. 

To explore the resources available to you — from career and professional development assistance with the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development, to invitations to F&M-only programs and events, to discounts on insurance and other programs — visit the Benefits & Services section of our Alumni website.

How do I access the F&M Alumni Directory?

Get in touch with a long-lost friend or make a new one! Search for classmates and connections in the alumni directory and take your networking one step further on the True Blue Network. Location filters allow you to find other F&M alumni close by or search based on occupation/industry, college major, or any number of additional categories. Learn how to access the Alumni Directory via these instructions.

Where do I learn more about True Blue Weekend?

True Blue Weekend is the combined celebration of the traditional Homecoming & Family Weekend and Alumni Weekend, and is the largest campus celebration of the year! Visit the True Blue Weekend website, where you'll find dates, schedules and activities for your class and for the entire F&M community.

Student Resources

What does Diplomats Forever represent?

F&M's amazing alumni consist of more than 29,000 individuals making a positive impact in business, nonprofit, government, the arts and their communities all around the world. 

Diplomats Forever celebrates the lifelong connection between F&M and its alumni, as well as the connections our alumni form with one another — as friends, mentors and cheerleaders committed to seeing each other succeed and thrive.

What on-campus resources help me connect with F&M alumni?

F&M's faculty and professional staff are here to help you connect with alumni — whether you're looking for a job or internship, or whether you're seeking a mentor to help navigate a challenge or reach a goal. The Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) and the Office of Alumni Relations are two great resources that can help you connect with alumni in any location, career field or specific interest you can imagine.

How can I connect virtually with F&M alumni?

One of the best ways to connect with F&M alumni virtually is to sign up for the True Blue Network. This online resource brings together thousands of alumni, students, family members, faculty, professional staff and friends of the College to help support each other and ensure that today's Diplomats have the resources and connections they need to make a difference in the world.

Faculty and Professional Staff Resources

Encourage alumni philanthropy?

Gifts are the key to shaping life-changing experiences for F&M students. Show alumni that F&M is not just a place; it's a worthy cause. Let your generosity light the way! 

Share department news and promote events to alumni and community members?

Whether through College Advancement newsletters, targeted email or alumni social media, we can suggest the perfect medium to connect with your alumni audience. Witness the magic of alumni support!

Connect with Donna Pflum at for guidance on reaching local alumni or expanding your event to virtual audiences. Elevate your gatherings to new heights!

Start a conversation?

Alumni are always interested in talking about their time on campus and love to hear from faculty and students to compare their experiences. Alumni want to be helpful and often seek opportunities to share their expertise and to support the departments that were so important to them as students. Make a connection and ask them to visit you on campus!

Get a gift for a guest speaker?

Express gratitude to alumni who have enriched classrooms, participated in discussions, or created memorable student experiences. Let College Advancement help you craft the perfect F&M keepsake to show appreciation.

Connect alumni to in-person and digital programming offerings?

Unveil the exciting programming awaiting alumni! From campus events to regional and international happenings, the Attend on the F&M website is your gateway to a world of engagement. Encourage alumni to attend, connect, and be part of the F&M experience.

Introduce alumni to Diplomat Digital! Explore on-demand programming available to alumni. Have a recorded program to share? Reach out to Donna Pflum at, and let your content shine on Diplomat Digital.

Get involved in True Blue Weekend, Day of Giving and other events?

True Blue Weekend
Seize the opportunity to make face-to-face connections during True Blue Weekend. Open your department, embrace the F&Mily spirit, and ensure alumni feel the warmth of connection.

Day of Giving
As a Day of Giving Ambassador, be the catalyst for achieving goals. We need you to reach out to your affiliated alumni and encourage them to make a gift — we will provide a script you can adapt to your voice! Your gift, big or small, is a testament to your belief in our mission. Connect, Volunteer, Give – be the heartbeat of F&M's vibrant community!



Download the Toolkit Posters

CLICK HERE to access the toolkit posters from the Presidential Working Group on Engaging Alumni.
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The Power of Engagement 

Alumni and F&M community members gather at the 2023 Bridgett Award Breakfast..

F&M alumni inspire current and prospective students and are among the most committed sources of support for the College. Alumni engagement represents investment and belief in F&M's success and future.

As members of the F&M community, you can create powerful connections between alumni and students, faculty, professional staff and friends of the College. By fostering these relationships, you can bridge generations, securing a vibrant future through alumni contributions of time, talent and philanthropy. Unleash the potential of alumni engagement, and create a lasting impact!

Questions and Ideas

Have a suggestion for an alumni program? Wondering how to get in contact with alumni from a specific program of study? Not sure where to get started? Contact Donna Pflum, director of volunteer and alumni engagement, to share your thoughts and ask questions about engaging alumni.

Email Donna Pflum »

Diplomat Pride - Our Alumni Stories

July 18, 2024

Success Beyond F&M: ‘I Owe a Lot to the Foundation I Built at F&M’

At F&M, Maggie Corson ’23 studied public health on the sociology track. Today, Corson is pursuing a master’s of science in health and the public interest at Georgetown University. “My master's program has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I owe a lot of that to the foundation I built at F&M,” she said.

July 12, 2024

Two Alumni Earn Prestigious Foreign Affairs Fellowship

Lam Tran ’21 and Munahil Sultana ’24 will begin their careers in global diplomacy this fall through the prestigious Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Graduate Fellowship Program.

July 11, 2024

Success Beyond F&M: ‘I Am So Thankful That 17-Year-Old Me Decided to Attend F&M’

Sydney Dzenutis ’23 has been busy gaining professional experience in the sports world with the Columbus Crew, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Orioles. "F&M helped further not only my basic knowledge of the business world, but also honed my ability to take on new challenges, learn on the fly and use multiple perspectives to solve problems," Dzenutis said.