As the newly named director of Franklin & Marshall College's Faculty Center, Amy Mulnix, professor of biology and associate academic dean at Earlham College, will begin her duties July 1. (Photo courtesy of Earlham College) 
Director of the Faculty Center



Office: Faculty Center


I arrived at Franklin and Marshall in July, 2014 to direct the Faculty  Center. Previously I was at Earlham College where I was Professor of Biology and Associate Academic Dean. My scholarly interests are in how what we know about how the brain works can be used in the college classroom. I  work with faculty to improve learning and retention of knowledge by students based on that emerging research. I have worked with faculty across the country and internationally in a variety of roles from Teaching and Learning Consultant at Earlham to Teagle Pedagogy Fellow with the GLCA to consultant. 

I also serve on the Phi Beta Kappa Committee on Qualification. This committee reviews applications from faculty at institutions in the US to house a PBK chapter. I also serve as a facilitator to biology departments to embrace the principles for biology education laid out in Vision and Change.

My hobbies include search and rescue work and I own and have trained a cadaver dog. I enjoy gardening, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism art, and ocean kayaking. 


Ph.D. from Purdue University, Lafayette IN 1991

B.S.S. from Cornell College, Mt. Vernon IA 1983


Over the last few years my research interests have shifted from the cellular/molecular biology of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta, to applying what is known about how the brain works to the college classroom. 

Grants & Awards

2011          Teagle Foundation – Earlham College. Assessment of the Biochemistry Curriculum at Earlham College.

2011          Mellon Foundation-Great Lakes College Association (GLCA): New Directions Initiative. How People Learn: A Teaching and Learning Workshop.

2010          Andrew Mellon Foundation -Great Lakes College Association (GLCA): New Directions Initiative. Learning about Learning.

2003-2005 Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Science Research Program. Nathan Trueblood (Principle Investigator) with Gary Breitenbach, Corinne Deibel, John Iverson, Amy Mulnix, Paul Ogren, and Mark Stocksdale..

2003          Borman Family Foundation. Dr. Amy B. Mulnix. $5,000. Funds to support purchase of a thermocycler.

2000-2007 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Biological Sciences Education Program. Dr. Amy B. Mulnix (Director), Michael Deibel (Associate Director), William Harvey and Alice Shrock.

1998, 2002, 2005  Ford-Knight grants from Earlham College to work with students on research projects.

1996-2000 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Biological Sciences Education Program. William Harvey (Director), Amy B. Mulnix (Associate Director), Thomas Ruttledge, and Alice Shrock.

1996-1998 NSF-ILI Augmenting Student Research in Developmental Biology at Earlham College. Amy B. Mulnix (Principal Investigator) and William Harvey. $33,670.


Mulnix, A.B. Blair, P.L. and Robert Rosenberg. In preparation. Outcomes of a semester-long student- designed investigation in a cell biology laboratory.

Mulnix, A. B. 2013. What my cadaver dog taught me about teaching and learning. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching (accepted).

Mulnix, A. B. and E. Vandegrift. 2014. A tipping point for STEM education. Journal of College Science Teaching 43(3).

Mulnix, A. B. 2013. Communicating a new model: Learner-centered strategies in faculty development. Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning. 5 .

Mulnix, A. B. 2013 Make more mistakes. Teaching and Learning at St. Mary’s. 23(2):3.

Mulnix, A.B. 2012. Using learning principle in faculty development workshops. Cell Biology Education. 11(4):335-336.


Mulnix, A. B., Vandegrift, E. V. H., Chaudhury, S. R., Yates, J. R. 2014. Thinking Skills for the 21st Century: Teaching for Transfer. AAAS Annual Meeting, Chicago.

Mulnix, A. B. October, 2013. Getting Students to Think: Instructional Design to Promote Knowledge and Skill Transfer. (poster) PKAL/AACU Conference Advancing what works in STEM education. San Diego California.

Mulnix, A. B. October, 2013. How the environment writes itself on your DNA, Presentation at Reid Hospital Grand Rounds, Richmond, IN.

Student Collaborations

In 2013-2014, while at Earlham College, I worked with students to investigate epigenetic changes associated with metamorphosis from the larval to pupal forms. 

Course Information

While at Earlham I taught the following courses: Cell Biology, Genetics, Advanced Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics, Epigenetics Seminar and Brain, Mind and Education. I also regularly teach a course  in the Forensic Sciences program at St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia on cadaver dogs.