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Sophomore Keck Project

Keck Project: 2000

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Environmental Conditions at the
Baker Woodlands Environmental Research Site
Lancaster, Pa.


What: A field and laboratory project to assess the environmental conditions at a former industrial site/landfill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There are openings for ten students.

When: June 9 to July 9, 1999.

Where:The project will be based at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA. Field work will be carried out at F&M's Baker Woodlands Environmental Research Site (located one mile from the main campus).

Faculty: Andrew de Wet, Franklin & Marshall College (Director).

Other Faculty TBD.

Description: The project is an interdisciplinary examination of the environmental conditions at the Baker Woodlands research site. The site is an ideal location to study interacting earth systems as it includes a rich diversity of systems in a small area. In addition, the impact of human activities on natural systems is well represented at the site. For example, landfilling has clearly impacted ecological succession, stream hydrology and wetland sedimentation.

The main research themes at the site are: 1) Sedimentology of streams and wetlands, 2) Hydrology of surface and ground water, 3) Geochemistry of water, sediment and soil, 4) Near-surface geophysics of landfills and other subsurface structures, 5) Interactions between geology and ecology.

The project will involve field and laboratory work. All the analytical equipment in the Department of Earth and Environment at F&M will be available including the scanning electron microscope (SEM), X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and inductively coupled plasma spectrometer (ICP). All the data collected about the site will be integrated into an Arcview GIS database.

Requirements: One course in the Earth and Environment. Courses in one or more of the following are recommended: low temperature geochemistry, sedimentology, hydrology, geophysics, geographic information systems, remote sensing, and ecology.


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For further information contact: Andy de Wet
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