Professor of Geosciences, Department Chair of Earth and Environment



Office: HAC 121 (lab)

Channels on Ascraeus Mons, Mars  - volcanic or fluvial?

Keck Project: Origins of Sinuous and Braided Channels on Ascraeus Mons, Mars

Dates: July-August 2011

Student Independent Projects:

Michele Trumble

Serena Weren

Shauna Riedel

Jake Bleacher


J.E. Bleacher, A.P. de Wet, W.B. Garry, J.R. Zimbelman, M.E. Trumble, 2010, VOLCANIC OR FLUVIAL: COMPARISON OF AN ASCRAEUS MONS BRAIDED AND SINUOUS CHANNEL WITH FEATURES OF THE 1859 MAUNA LOA FLOW AND MARE IMBRIUM FLOWS 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 1612.

Trumble*, M.E. Bleacher, J.E., de Wet, A., D.J. Merritts, and W.B. Garry, 2008, Geomorphologic mapping and characterization of channel networks on the Tharsis Montes, Mars. Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIX, 1698.

Riedel, Shauna J.; Sakimoto, Susan E. H.; Bradley, Bethany A., and de Wet, Andy. 2001.Lava tube flow models at Alba Patera, Mars; topographic constraints on eruption rates. Lunar and planetary science, XXXII; papers presented to the Thirty-second lunar and planetary science conference. Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 32 (2001) abstr. no. 1954.