The following is a list of the student independent research projects and internships I have supervised:


Nora Bryson: Volcanic Rootless Cones associated with the Laki flow, Iceland

2015 (Fall): 

Evan Lewis: Stepped Fans on Mars (with Becky Eby Williams '96) GSA Abs.


Evan Lewis: Stepped Fans on Mars (Internship with Becky Eby Williams ’96)


Ryan Samuels: Formation of tubes and channels in the Twin Craters Flow (ZBVF) compared to similar features on Ascraeus Mons, Mars.

2013 (Spr): 

Chelsey Talhelm: Mapping and Assessment of the Wetlands Restoration at the Spalding Conservancy


Devin Hunter: Origins of Sinuous Channels of the Northern Part of Tharsis Montes, Mars

2012 (Spr): 

Michele Tartaglia: (GIS internship – Lititz, Pa).


Julia Signorella: Channels on Ascraeus Mons, Mars


Kristin Taddei: Tectonics and Geomorphology of Hovsgol Area, Mongolia.


Michele Trumble: Assessing Geomorphologic Charac. of Channel Networks on the Tharsis Montes, Mars


Nate Pritchard: Structural and Lithological Controls on a Crystalline Island Aquifer, Vinalhaven, Maine

Seth Cruice: The Politics and Policies determining Wind Power in Scandinavia


Marinna Lepp: 

RP Norley: Trace Metal Analysis of Landfill Discharge.


Serena Weren: A study of Plains Volcanism on Mars with a Comparison to Volcanism on the Eastern Snake River Plains in Idaho


Jaime Tomlinson (Honors in Geosciences): Land use and Sediment Yield: An Assessment of Swarr Run, Lancaster PA.


Jesse Yoburn: Determining the Thickness of Hesperia Planum Ridge Plains using Visible and Buried Crater relief from MOLA.


Shauna Riedel: Lava Tube Flow Models at Alba Patera, Mars: Topographic Constraints on Eruption Rates.

Erin Carlson: Comprehensive Stream Assessment in the Little Conestoga Creek Watershed.


Jake Bleacher (Honors in Geosciences): A New Look at Martian Southern Polar Crater Morphologies from MOLA data.

Meghan MacNamara: Disease and Chemicalization: An exploration of Bladder Cancer and Industry in Butler County, PA.


David Dahari: Characterization of sub-surface features at a former industrial site.


Mike Sievert (Geosciences)
The Historical Land-uses of the Baker Campus Area and their Impacts on the Environment.

Sarah Robinson (Geosciences) (Home Institution Advisor)
The Use of Landsat Imagery to Document Land Use Changes in the Galveston Bay
Area, Texas.
This study was part of a KECK funded research project at Trinity University, Texas.
Project advisors: Glenn Kroeger, Trinity U.; Bill Fox, Williams College, and Richard
Stenstrom, Beloit College.


Matthew Audet (Geosciences)
A Geographic Information System's Approach to Site Analysis at the
Proposed Narvon Hazardous Waste Facility, Lancaster County, PA.

Denise Muriceak (Geosciences)
Assessment of Historical Land-use Patterns and Projection of Future
Growth and Development in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania:
An Application of Geographical Information Systems.

Amy Smith (Geosciences)
Assessment of the Relative Importance of Point Sources and Non-Point
Sources of Nutrient Pollution in the Conestoga River, Lancaster County,|

Carolyn Coffey (Government) - this study is under STS (STS490).
Land-use Changes in Lancaster County from 1950-1990 and Future
Projections based on Dynamic Modeling.


Shawn Tollin (Geosciences)
Water and Sediment Geochemistry of Acid Mine Drainage: Big Lick
Tunnel, Dauphin Co. and Rausch Creek, Skhuylkill Co., Pa.


Bell, Ashley (Geosciences).
Study of Lead Concentrations in Soils Near Highways in Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, since the Staged Reduction of Leaded Gasolines.

Bisch, Sean (Chemistry major)
An inquiry into Stream Water Chemistry in York County, Pennsylvania.

Miner, Laura (Chemistry major) - this study is under STS (STS490).
Land-use Planning and Policy in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, Pa.


Klaff, Tamir (Geosciences) (co-supervised with Dorothy Merritts)
Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils at Baker Campus, Lancaster, Pa.