• Professor of Mathematics Annalisa Crannell
Professor of Mathematics, Associate Department Chair of Computer Science



Office: Stager 227


Calculus II: "I'll Integrate!" (flash mob) [5:10]
My math/art challenge problem (from the MAA) [2:30]
Math & Art: the Good, the Bad, and the Pretty (@ St. John's U.) [52:10]
Shadow of Desargues (@ St. John's U.) [47:58]


Portrait of a Mathematician (by F&M) [4:00]
Vimeo clip (by F&M) [1:43]


By my students

Yanlin Yang '18, Summer research on Undrawable Spirals [10:42]

Anton Arapin '19, Independent study on the Shape of a Mirror [12:39]

Yike Gong '19, Summer research on Two-slit Cameras [9:21]

Ellie Burkett, '20, Independent study on Hyperbola deconstructions [5:15]