• Antonio Callari
The Sigmund M. and Mary B. Hyman Professor of Economics


B.A., City College of New York
M.A., University of Massachusetts
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts 1979


Callari's specialization and interests:
History of economics, methodology, community economics.



Forthcoming “Socialism, Community, and Democracy: A Postmodern Marxian Vision of (Post-) Capitalism” in Rob Garnett and John Harvey (eds) Heterodox Economics, University of Michigan Press.

Forthcoming “A Comment on Warren Montag's 'Althusser,'” Verso, 2002, Rethinking Marxism.

2004 “Economics and the Postcolonial Other,” in E. Zein-Elabdin and S. Charusheela (eds) Postcolonialism Meets Economics, pp. 113-129, London: Routledge.



2004 “The Economy of a Scandal and the Scandal of Economics,” Faculty Inaugural Lecture, F&M, April.

2004 “The Economists' Erasure of Mother Nature: A Critical Reflection on the Power of a Discipline,” presented at the Central Pennsylvania Consortium Women and Gender Studies annual conference, F&M, April.

Course Information

CCS 126 Cities: Wells and Walls of Community
ECO 130 Marxian Political Economy
ECO 161 Film and Economics
ECO 205 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECO 207 Controversies in Economic Theory
ECO 248 History of Economic Thought
ECO 430 Researching the Local Economy