Add a Middle Eastern component to your liberal studies

The growing influence of Arabic culture world wide demands increased levels of awareness and understanding among educated people.

In response, Franklin & Marshall is pleased to offer students the opportunity to learn Arabic-a thriving language whose speakers span from Morocco to Abu Dhabi, from Iraq to Yemen, from Syria to Saudia Arabia. Arabic language courses are offered through the International Studies Program.

Arabic is the language of some two dozen countries in the Middle East and North Africa. It is a rich and varied language, with a multitude of dialects used in oral communication and a common variety, usually known as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), used in formal situations and in most written contexts.

Arabic students at F&M begin with introductory courses in the language where they will begin reading and writing the Arabic script. Students will progress to study vocabulary and grammatical structures and then develop their skills in speaking the language and understanding it when spoken to them.

Similar to other language programs at F&M, students in the Arabic Program have close contact with faculty members in small classes.

Additional Course Information 

To declare an Area Studies Minor

An Arabic Language Area Studies minor consists of six courses. Four of these courses must be Arabic language courses, from point of placement.  Additionally, at least two of the courses for the minor should be 300-400 level courses. Students should consult with the Program Director of Arabic to formulate their educational plan for the minor. Below you will find some possible courses.

Email Christine Kalleeny to set-up an appointment.

Language Courses:

Arabic 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302

Content Courses:

  • History 227/228 (History of the Islamic World I, II)
  • History 241 (History of North and West Africa)
  • History 460 (Selected Studies in the History of the Islamic World)
  • Religious Studies 114 (Introduction to Islam)
  • Music 228 (Middle Eastern Music and Culture)
  • Art 211 (Islamic Art and Architecture)

Study Abroad  

  • This photo of me was taken in front of the Treasury, or Al-Khazneh, in Petra, Jordan. As for a little background to the picture, I am studying Arabic in Jordan for the summer and our program has taken us on many trips to popular tourist sites around the country. Petra is an ancient Nebatean city that also features Greek and Roman architecture.

Our students are encouraged to broaden their linguistic and cultural knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa whenever possible.

Students often participate in one of several pre-approved study abroad programs offered at F&M by the Office of International Programs.  

Recently, students have also obtained external funding for study through the highly competitive CLS Program (Critical Language Scholarship).

Additionally, students have also been accepted to the renowned Middlebury CollegeSummer Language School and the University of Texas at Austin's Summer Language Institute.  

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