Tree Campus USA 

Tree Campus USA is a program created by the Arbor Day Foundation to highlight the colleges and universities who:

  • Effectively manage their campus trees.

  • Develop connectivity with the community beyond campus borders to foster healthy, urban forests.

  • Strive to engage their student population utilizing service learning opportunities centered on campus, and community, forestry efforts.

Franklin and Marshall has been awarded and maintained Tree Campus USA distinction 2015.  The College has worked hard to uphold the standards of the program by increasing tree education, participating in local conservancy clean-up events and plantings, and by having an annual Arbor Day Tree planting ceremony and celebration.  Franklin and Marshall is proud to be part of this program and continues to expand our efforts in strengthening our arboretum.



F&M's Past Tree Campus USA Events  

 Arbor Day 2018 Planting: Liquidambar styraciflua 'Rotundiloba'  or Fruitless Sweetgum

  • 2018 Arbor Day Planting
  • Arbor Day 2018