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At Franklin & Marshall College, the liberal arts come alive for the students who live, work and grow in our exceptional learning community. From managing residential life in “college houses” to studying abroad to working for a nonprofit in the local community, each of our students spends four years expanding and enriching his or her abilities, along the way developing the power and the presence to effect change in communities around the globe. 

Our alumni, 27,677 strong, continue to demonstrate how the power of the liberal arts flows into their jobs and communities.

In a world changing more rapidly than ever, your support for the liberal arts at Franklin & Marshall is the source of our strength and the cornerstone of our power.
Thank you.

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A Message from President Altmann 

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When I arrived as the College’s 16th president in August, the Franklin & Marshall community welcomed me with open arms. Alumni, students, faculty and professional staff have shared their stories with me so I more fully understand what a special place this is. As I have said to many audiences, I have quickly come to consider myself one of you. It is truly my pleasure, therefore, to welcome you to the pages of this report now, just a few weeks after my start date.

Franklin & Marshall had an outstanding year in 2017-18. One of the reasons I’m so pleased to be here is our College’s tremendous history full of tradition, combined with its cutting-edge approach to today’s challenges. The year just concluded demonstrates that dynamism.

Our alumni and students epitomize the power of the liberal arts in the lives they are living, professionally and personally. When we look at their accomplishments, there is no room for doubt: the liberal arts, and F&M in particular, continue to play a vital role in today’s world. What happens in our classrooms, on our athletic fields and in our college houses shapes lives indelibly, and for good. Your support for that work remains invaluable. 

Our professors shape exceptional students into the leaders of tomorrow, exposing them to complex subjects of consequence and encouraging lifelong learning. I encourage you to read about the creativity and innovation in teaching that several of our professors have undertaken to help our students think beyond disciplinary boundaries as they solve problems.

The $26 million in gifts you made in the year that ended June 30, 2018, are a wonderful testimonial to your faith in the College, and represent a crucial resource for us. We—Franklin & Marshall’s professors, administration, staff and students—are grateful. Your generous philanthropy, in your dollars, in the hours you volunteer, in the encouragement you give, continues to make F&M an even better place, and fuels the power of the liberal arts here.

I thank you, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the coming year.


Barbara K. Altmann, Ph.D.


Alumni Profiles

Ann Marie Donovan Griffith '89 and Preston Kilgore '14 are just two examples of how an F&M liberal arts education has the power to propel graduates to lives of great success. 

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Student Profile

 Jacquie Koob ’19 says that a liberal arts education means developing the ability to learn through many different lenses, rather than following a straight—and rigid—path all the way to graduation.

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Faculty: Creativity & Innovation

 A group of six faculty members recently co-taught an innovative new course that forced students to approach problem solving in new ways. That course is just beginning of exciting new creativity at F&M. 

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Volunteer Profile

Coded in the genetic makeup of Tony Ross ’91 is the call to serve, made all the more powerful by his liberal arts experience at Franklin & Marshall College. 

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Donor Profiles

Our supporters embrace the power to change lives with the gifts they choose to make, and we are grateful. Charles W. Katter P’14 and Andrea Katter P’14, Michael Arnold '08, Stuart F. Smith '77, and Wayne Whitehead '53 are just a few examples of our generous donors. 

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