Historic Moments

You committed the highest annual total in F&M history and made 2015-2016 the first time our fundraising eclipsed $30 million.

The Board of Trustees elects its first alumna chair, Sue Washburn ’73 who on July 1, 2016, took the reins from Larry Bonchek, M.D., P’91, H’10.

 Giving By Numbers

All figures on this page represent giving totals as of June 30, 2016.

Giving to the Franklin & Marshall Fund 


9,000 donors contributed generously in 2015-2016 to the Franklin & Marshall Fund in the amount of $4,271,126. 

Ray Sanseverino '68, Trustee, Franklin & Marshall Fund National Chair

“By virtue of the fact that others gave years ago, I was able to be at F&M in 1964. Where would I have been without their generosity?"

- Ray Sanseverino ’68

A call from a friend in the early 1980s brought Ray Sanseverino ’68 back to F&M. Fackenthal Library had served as a stately repository of knowledge for decades, and now, a new era dawning, the College planned to expand and retrofit the iconic building. It would be the same neoclassical masterpiece, but larger and more technologically current. 

Foster “Fuzz” Ulrich ’56 asked Sanseverino to help build support for the project.

 It was the first time he’d been asked to serve F&M, and the result—the larger, more modern Shadek-Fackenthal library—was gratifying.

More than three decades later, Sanseverino, now a successful attorney in New York, a trustee and a long-time annual donor, continues serving. His latest role: chairman of the Franklin & Marshall Fund. As chair, he will work to build alumni support year over year. The fund’s value, he says, lies in continuity, community.

“The people who were here before me gave their time and money, and now I do too,” he says. “We stand on each other's shoulders. They were there in the ’40s and the ’50s, and we’re here now. We have to keep it going.”


Gift Planning 

Members of the William A. Schnader Society through their deferred giving invest in Franklin & Marshall’s future, guaranteeing that the needs of our students and the College will be met for many years to come.

Great Moments:

2015-2016 Timeline

Sept. 2015

The Protest Tree succumbs to age and disease. With great sadness, and with affection for its historic role, the College removes the towering white ash.

Jan. 2016

Head Basketball Coach Glenn Robinson notches his 900th win. He finished the season with 912. 


Feb. 2016 

The Board of Trustees elects its first alumna chair, Sue Washburn ’73 who on July 1, 2016, takes the reins from Larry Bonchek, M.D., P’91, H’10.

May 2016

Trustee Ben Winter ’67 and his wife, Susan, commit $10 million, the largest alumni gift in the College’s history, to create a stunning new visual arts building that will will anchor the College's south end and a new visual arts quad.


June 2016

Kimberly Faris, Psy.D., and Tony Kreisel ’66 establish the Faris-Kreisel Mindfulness Program Endowed Fund to provide mindfullness programming and training as part of the College’s health and wellness initiatives.


July 2016

F&M celebrates the close of the most successful fundraising year in its history.