Studio Art

​The practice of Studio Art develops skills in visual and verbal communication, and fosters creative thinking and problem-solving, as well as an applied knowledge of physical materials. Our program combines the resources of the finest art school with the breadth of a liberal arts curriculum to achieve stunning results.

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Paper Making at F&M
  • Art History Capstone field trip
  • Art History Capstone field trip
  • Art History field trip
  • Art History field trip

Art History

The study of Art History encourages students to grasp and respect the living dimension of the past through its artifacts, images and architecture. We actively engage students in a wide range of visual and material production, through different modes of analysis — visual, historical, critical, material.

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Outside the Classroom

  • Architectural history class trip

Field Trips

Lancaster is recognized nationally and internationally as a region of exceptional historical significance. The abundance of historical resources in the city and county offer students numerous opportunities in experience- and site-based learning.                                       Read more

  • Conrad Nelson guest speaker

Guest Artists and Speakers

Guest lecturers and artists are frequent visitors to campus, often in conjunction with exhibitions at the Phillips Museum of Art or special topics in courses.

In addition, we hold a yearly event on campus titled the Conrad Nelson Guest Artist Lecture.                                   Read more

  • Sophomore Summer Award project

Summer Study and Travel Opportunities 

Art and Art History majors may apply for two competitive summer study grants: the Sophomore Summer Foreign Travel Award in Studio or Art History, is open to sophomores who have formally declared their major in art history or studio art; the Sophomore and Junior Summer Study Award in Studio Art is available to declared sophomore and junior studio art majors.

News and Events 

Story 5/12/2018

Socrates Citation in Honor of Virginia Maksymowicz

As an artist, Professor Maksymowicz has had more than 20 solo exhibitions.

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Story 3/19/2018

Phillips Museum of Art Exhibits 'Structural Transparencies'

Professor of sculpture at Franklin & Marshall College Virginia Maksymowicz's interest in metaphorical form is on display in her latest exhibit at F&M's Phillips Museum of Art.  

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Story 1/22/2018

F&M's Phillips Museum 'Drawing In' Extraordinary Exhibits...

“Nightly News,” a graphite and charcoal drawing in“Drawing in/Drawing,”  one of several exhibits on view at the Phillips Museum of Art this winter and spring. 

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Story 5/4/2018

Phillips Museum of Art Closed for the Summer

Reopening on August 28, 2018.

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Story 4/18/2018

Franklin & Marshall College Senior Film Student Exhibition

Gibson Gallery, Apr 17 – 26, 2018

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Story 4/18/2018

Franklin & Marshall College Senior Art Student Exhibition

Rothman Gallery, Apr 17 – 26, 2018

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