Art History at F&M 

Art history courses are offered at all levels in both Western and non-Western art and architecture. They cover historical periods from antiquity to the present and offer students an array of methodologies, with predominant emphasis on social and cultural analysis. Many courses are interdisciplinary in their orientation and are cross-listed with the American and Africana Studies, Classics, German Studies, Religious Studies and Women's and Gender Studies.  

  • Student independent study project
  • Working at Phillips Museum of Art
  • Building pic
  • Curatorial Practices class project
  • Student curatorial project



Students may study curatorial practices or even curate their own exhibitions, at the Phillips Museum of Art, working with F&M's collection of art and objects, under the direction of College faculty and museum staff.

Advanced majors in Art History are encouraged to undertake Independent Study courses, some of which, if taken senior year, may then potentially become Honors projects.